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    Twenty two years ago I got divorced and two years later had a live in relationship with Brenda who had two young daughters. It lasted 13 years before we broke up. I still saw her and the girls so it wasn't a bitter breakup but final. Eleven years ago I bought a building that at one time was a laundry business. Its a simple square building that I turned into a bachelor pad I had always dreamed of. I built a loft for my bedroom and the floor is completely open with no walls. I do have a living room type area, kitchen area, bar area with a shuffle board, juke box, and pool table. It was perfect and the envy of my friends. Almost 14 months ago Brenda died after having a stroke. Her daughters Brittany whos 19 and Brianna whos 21 and both in community college where in dire straights financially. The couldn't afford to keep their apartment and with regret let them move in with me. I helped raise them when they were young and felt bad for them. The problem is where I live, since there are no separate rooms and the only bathroom is on the ground floor and only separated with a single wall and no ceiling. The ceiling in the building is 35 ft. high so when I put the bathroom in I only put up a wall to separate it from the rest of the space. I had one sofa bed so bought another for them and the biggest problem is now any privacy. I sure by now the girls know I can see into the bathroom from my loft bedroom. They used to put a towel over the siding door to the shower but as time went on they have began to be less concerned about their privacy. I know them so well there is no way I would ever try to have sex with them. Another problem is my bedroom is small and from different areas you can see up to it. I know they have also seen me naked which isn't even embarrassing to me anymore. On the other hand they have to know I see them naked more now than ever. They don't have a private place for changing cloths since their clothes closet and dresser are where my Living room used to be. Months ago I thought about putting up a wall but I would have to build it way to high. This was only supposed to be temporary but so far they have been here almost a year. I do confess that I enjoy seeing them naked and masturbate more than usual. I find myself letting them see me naked and anymore I'm not the least bit shy about it. Months ago we talked about it one night with Brittany mentioning how we see each other nude a few times a week. Oddly neither of them were concerned about it but did say its embarrassing sometimes. All I could do was agree saying there isn't much I can do about it. And so it continues and it seems normal to an extent since Brianna is especially not shy about me seeing her undressing or knowing I can see into the bathroom. I want them to get their own place but right now I'm in no hurry. They a two nice girls and can't believe how comfortable they are living here. I suppose its because of my living with them and their mother for 13 years. They never called me dad but perhaps they thought of me that way years ago. I saw them naked over those years but now they are well developed women. That may have something to do with why they don't seem to worry about me seeing them naked now. I never let them see me masturbating and hope they don't think I get aroused seeing them nude. I do care for them but I'm also aroused seeing them like that. I never asked them to pay rent and supply most of their meals so I just call it a situation I can't avoid or don't want to.

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    My ex step daughter I guess you’d call her started living with me when she was 18. She moved to Columbus for college and didn’t want to live in the dorms but couldn’t find a permanent apartment at first. Was in the same boat as you so I let her stay with me for a while. I have a condo, nothing fancy and it’s just a one bedroom. The amount of times we’ve seen each other naked you thinker we’d learn to cover up but she’s fine with nudity. Or her seeing me in my briefs when I wake up in the morning with morning wood. I used to be embarrassed but realized it’s no big deal, she sleeps in just a shirt and thong normally on the couch bed.
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    @@OP Continue to help them till they can stand on their own. You are a good man. In the future, they will vouch for you.

    In many parts of the world, and for many people, total privacy within a family is still an expensive concept.

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