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    Transsexual Female / 37

    My mom was a professional dominatrix. We lived in a big old brick Victorian building that was originally built to be our town's town hall and later became the town library before the town sold it off to help pay for new versions of both. By that point my mom had made a lot of money professionally and so she bought the place and turned it into a gorgeous home. The basement and part of the rear wing were transformed into dungeon space and the rest was our home. I never met my dad. Mom says that he was a client that eventually got a sex change and then died of AIDS.

    I had a pretty good idea what Mom did for a living by the time I was seven.

    Also I would like to point out that Mom never wanted a boy. She always wanted a girl and made a point making sure I knew. That said she always showed me great affection. I just to maintain a feminine persona in order to receive that affection.

    By the time I was ten I was regularly spying on my Mom with her clients but I also had tacit approval from Mom. She knew I was there, scolded me for being naughty, gave my balls a gentle swat and told me to go to my room and jerk off. That is all the trouble I would ever get into when spying on her and I now know she got off on knowing her preteen son was watching her do bad things to naked me.

    One day when I was 11 I watched from a dark corner as she squatted over a man's faced and shit into his mouth and made him eat it and lick her clean afterwards. I was intrigued. I did not immediately acquire a desire to have my Mom poop into my mouth but I was fascinated watching her do that to men.

    So after doing that a few times I felt compelled to seek out a pair of Mom's dirty underwear. Now I don't mean just worn but it had a big fresh shit stain on them. It seems her toilet slave hadn't done a sufficiently thorough job licking her clean and so some of her poop got into her panties. I sniffed the crotch and got turned on from the odor of her vagina mixed with dried pee but it was impossible to avoid the smell of her poop. It was gross and disgusting and sickening to smell and yet my little cock was throbbing hard. I held the dirty panties to my face and breathed deeply to saturate my lungs with as much of my Mom's filthy essence as I could stand while furiously jerking off. Just as I was beginning to squirt Mom caught me. She flew into a furious rage, started calling me "miss toilet" and dragged me to a part of her dungeon I never knew existed. She strapped me into what was a sort of coffin shaped box. Then she lifted a lid from above my face and that is when I saw the toilet seat above my face.

    "You're so interested in Mommy's shit you are now going to experience it first hand you filthy little pervert!"

    At that point she sat down, ordered me to open my mouth wide and she took a dump right into my throat. The giant putrid turd flopped over and covered most of my eyes and nose. I could barely breath. She ordered me to eat the entire thing which was very challenging and helped me by pissing into my mouth from time to time to make it easier to swallow. Then she commanded me to lick her thoroughly clean. I did. I wanted desperately to jerk off but my hands were tied and I couldn't . When I was done which took nearly 2 hours, Mom put a chastity cage on my crotch and told me I was not allow to ever cum again.

    Later I found out that I was set up. Mom deliberately wanted to catch me jerking off with her filthy panties to my face and she did. I have a particularly long tongue and mom likes her ass cleaned and she likes the empowerment of using a human being as a toilet and it turns out I like it too. No. I love it. I adore being Mom's toilet. I get to serve her this way for a three day weekend every month since I was eleven and once a year I get to do it for a week.

    Bui I also mentioned that Mom always wanted a girl. When I was ten she announced that I was going to grow up to be a girl not a guy and she gave me "magic vitamins" that made me grow breasts, have softer skin and hair, a high pitched voice and made my cock and balls shrink. But at the same time she periodically slipped me some testosterone to make me horny. Believe me I was one delightfully confused and fucked up little kid.

    Today I am still my Mom's little sissy toilet slave.

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