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    I started going to the gym. Iâm not out of shape and have always been rather muscular, but after being married for 5 years and getting for lazier, I thought it was a good idea. For the first few eeeks it was just hitting the weights after work and going home. I eventually met a few of the other regulars and built a few good friendships. One day while working out, one of the guys asked why I donât use the locker room? I just said I never really thought about it, I just go home in my workout clothes and change and showers there. Nothing was really mentioned after that for a few days. Then one day one the guys mentioned his âpost-workoutâ routine. Another guy laughed but didnât go into details. The next day, my wife took the kids to her moms for the week up in Michigan. I knew I was going to hit the gym after work, but this time before I left home I packed a gym bag with some clean clothes. Thinking maybe is just shower after working out and go out for food since I hate cooking and my wife wasnât going to be home to cook. My gym buddies showed up later than usual and had no idea I changed at the gym. After I finished my routine, I went to the locker room. I was just stepping into the showers stall when two of the gym guys walked in laughing. A few minutes later, both stepped into the shower stall, one with an obvious boner! I didnât say anything at first but the both guys started shaping up their cocks and started jacking off. They asked if I was going to join them for the âpost-workoutâ and I wasnât sure how to answer. I shook my head no and left as quickly as I could. When I got home I could stop thinking about it. Iâd never jacked off with another guy before. Iâve thought about it but never did it. After seeing them I knew my dick was bigger so that was cool. The next day I decided if they were there again, Iâd join in.
    I did and Iâve been jacking off with a few different guys every time I go to the gym. I even played with one other guy and let a couple guys jack me off. Been great and Iâm in the best shape of my life right now!

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    That's the reason I go to the gym to have a bit of mail play it started when I had a hard on in the shower another guy next to me nodded and wee wanked, its mainly wanking each other, some of the other guys suck each others cocks, we watched one guy being spit roasted, what happens in the gym stays in the gym, would I be right in thinking its the same in the women's gym?
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    There's no jerking in the women's locker room. By stating mail instead of male the first commenter let us in to his idea of playing post office and being on the receiving end of deliveries.

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