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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    My name is Tina, I live in the Big City where no one sleeps. I met Bruce after hours at a bar on 57th street. He is the kind of guy who takes over and soon he had me eating out of his hand and doing his bidding. Growing up with a dominant father and three brothers I was used to catering to men and doing Bruce's bidding just fell into place.

    Bruce buys a king size bed. I ask him why he needs something like that? He says because he needs it for his girlfriends. I say what girlfriends, I am your girlfriend. He says yes you are but I have another and I want my girlfriends here with me. Well to tell the truth I did not believe him so he says I will prove it to you and he tells me to be at his place on Saturday and he will introduce me to Andrea. She is fine, like a real fine looking girl, 20 or 19 but young and she had the this mouth that looks like it was painted on, you just want to kiss those lips. She is long, slender, with tight little bust against her rib cage, her venus mound is covered with light brown hair and her pussy lips under her mound stand out to be kissed and touched.

    Bruce gets down on his knees and starts to eat her pussy. She holds his head against her and his chin is deep in between her legs, his tongue licking away. I get undressed, I am a bit shorter and thick and my bust is firm but larger than hers, I stand beside her and ask him to eat me. She moves over and puts his face up into my pussy he starts to lick and Andrea watches. He pushes me on the bed and I let him go deep. He stops and Andrea gets on the bed and opens up for him and he goes deep. I want some of Andrea and push him out of the way an go in as deep as I can. I love pussy more than I love dick, unless his dick is doing me while I am doing pussy, then I really like dick.

    I pull up and kiss Andrea's lips, I put her hand on my breast and we lay on our side and kiss. Bruce chooses and he gets on and fucks. He is pretty horny and blows in a minute and pulls out and I go down on Andrea and suck out his cum. Andrea and I slip into a doze and he falls fast asleep. We wake up after a while and we kiss some more and go to shower. Go back to bed to sleep. The king size bed is big enough for us to sleep beside him.

    I like to fuck, I always have but when I love pussy too and a fine girl like Andrea is hard to find. She is a true blue queen and loves to have my face in her soul. She loves to kiss and to play with my tits. She doesn't care if Bruce wants to fuck, fuck her and then give her back to me. Andrea is from the Caribbean island of Curacao, tall and slim and light brown, mulata, father owns a bar and mother is local girl. Her pussy is sweet in a way that only mulato girls can be sweet. Her light brown skin against my dark skin feels good. Bruce is white, white like the white sheets on your bed and he likes his coffee dark.

    His king size bed is certainly big enough, a fine girl like Andrea is hard to find. Bruce meant his girls, both of us. On clean white sheets, she looks like a caramel desert, her pussy is so sweet and her tits are like small Hershey milk chocolate kisses. I do love pussy and caramel pussy is something so hard to find. Pussy like that makes you forget about the man that keeps you. But he likes his chocolate girls and makes sure they remember he is there for them on a king size bed overlooking the river.

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