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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I have finally had a cock in my ass. Iâm married and I would have to say Iâm Bi. I have played with a childhood friend of mine for as long as we have known each other. He is married as well and from time to time we text about stuff we have done and what we want to do often sharing pics of our cocks and ass.

    We used to just get naked and rub each others cocks until we came. Eventually we sucked each other until we came and recently I had his cock in my ass.

    The last time we met I had brought some sexy attire which I like wearing. Some panties, leggings , garter belts , wig, and some other clothing. We first took turns stroking each other and sucking butt naked. I then got dressed in some sexy black panties , leggings , and garter belt with a fish net top. I wore a dark wig as well. This always gets me so horned.

    My friend couldnât keep his eyes and hands off me. Rubbing my hard cock and smooth bubble ass. I got on the bed on all fours to give him a view from behind. He walked over and rubbed by hard cock and balls from behind, rubbed my ass cheeks and crack , and gave me a little slap.

    He said I looked very inviting and asked if I wanted him in me. I said yeah letâs try. I lubed up good and pulled my panties to the side. He was rock hard and put lube on his cock.

    He slowly entered me while I was in the doggy position. Letting him know to take it slow. I could feel his cock creep in me inch by inch. He eventually grabbed a pillow to put under my stomach so he could get more leverage. I felt his cock head on my hole again and said thatâs it.

    I was looser at this point and very horny. His cock slipped right in and it felt sooooooo good. I moaned as he gave me his cock deep as he could. I could hear him moaning as well. I asked how it felt and he moaned and said amazing.

    Every time he pumped his cock in me I moaned and my legs would spread open further and I would wrap them around his legs. He said he was getting close and asked if I wanted him to cum in me or on me. I said on me so he pulled out and covered my ass cheeks with his hot cum. I felt like such a good slut and next time I want him to cum in me so I can let it drip out slowly.

    No one knows about us and we love knowing that.

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    I was a cute curious kid when an older boy made good use of my gorgeously well shaped virgin boypussy. It was like I was made for fucking, the penetration actually was a good thing and it didn't hurt at all. His penis slowly and rhythmically fucking made me tingle as I was too young to cum. His penis cumming inside of me was profoundly warm, wet and good. The closeness of two boys smooth flesh enjoying their sensuality was addictive. He felt that he couldn't fuck me enough and I craved it also. It was so special!
    4 days ago
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    Yep when I was in my teens my married next door neighbor came on to me. I was a horny teen that loved it. It started out us just jerking-off together. I never seen a uncut cock before even in gym class as everyone is cut. I asked him all kinds of questions about the extra skin. He said go on touch it so I did jerking him. He shot a big load all over my hand and his stomach. He then gave me a hand job. The next time he had me sucking his cock and I loved it even swallowed his load. We started 69ing all the time. One day he pushed his finger in me I came right away in his mouth. The next time he asked to fuck me so I let him. He lubed me up good it hurt and burn going in. Once he was balls deep it stop hurting but really just felt like I had to go to the toilet. He shot a load in me I had to run to the bathroom and sat on the toilet expelling his cum out of me. The next time he gave me a enema first then fucked me. In my 60's now I love getting fucked hard and deep.
    4 days ago
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    Can you hold your turds in ok ?
    Or is your asshole like a bucket and they fall out.
    4 days ago

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