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    I am not sure why our parents thought it was a good idea, but they moved my sister and I into the same room with bunk beds when we were 10 and 12, respectively. She was given the top bunk and I was on the bottom.

    Perhaps they did not know, but by that age I was already jerking myself to sleep every night. At first I tried to be discreet and only began to play with myself after I thought my sister was asleep.

    One night I had began to stroke myself, and I noticed my sisters' long blonde hanging over the side of the bed, and I caught a glimpse of her eyes. We made eye contact, and she quickly disappeared.

    A couple of nights following I caught her peaking again, and this time our eyes were transfixed until she watched me to completion.

    It wasn't too long until it became a regular thing, and she watched me play with myself every night. She actually seem to look forward to going to bed.

    Then one night she did something that really surprised me. As I was stroking my self, she climbed down the bunk bed latter. She just stood there in her flannel nighty watching. As I came closer to cumming she leaned in closer to watch the action.

    From that night on, as soon as I went to bed (I had a later bedtime) my sister would climb down the bunk latter to watch me better.

    Soon she started to massage her pussy through her nighty as she watched me. This got me even more aroused and I got off progressively quicker. Soon I began to recognize that this disappointed as I finished before she was fully aroused.

    One night I got really daring and I lifted up her nighty with one hand as I was stroking my cock with the other. She gave me a wry smile when I did this. Her bald pussy was swollen a bit, and I couldn't help it so I began stroking it gently with my thumb.

    She was really receptive and leaned into my hand as she began to moan a little. I didn't dare penetrate her but I used my full hand to massage her pussy. She began to buck and contort her nubile body. She started to breath very heavily, and suddenly she gushed into my hand.

    She scrambled up into the top bunk. Then I could hear her crying a bit. I got out of bed because I thought that she was upset and she might even tell on me. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was embarrassed that she had peed I told her that she hadn't. I told her that she had an orgasm, which was natural. She was turning into a young women.

    I asked if she wanted to continue our nightime play activity and she said sure. After that I began to go to bed earlier and I don't think my parents were suspicious about anything. Now my sister would not even put on her nighty before she started to watch me. This was even more arousing for me as her her tiny titties had began to bud.

    She was 12 when we having another night time session. As I was massaging her pussy with my hand, she took my big finger and guided it toward her pussy lips. I looked her in the eye and asked her if she was sure. She nodded her head so I slipped it gently between her pussy lips. I met some resistence from her hymen so I thrust my finger in deeper and more firmly.

    She groaned and began to grimace in a little pain. I thrust my finger in further and a little blood began to trickle on it. There was something primal about it, so I inserted a second finger in her pussy and began to diddle her more vigorously.

    I found a spongy area on the front wall of her vagina, which I now know is the g-spot. Because it was already moist, I began to stroke it. A mixture of pussy juices and blood began to flow out of my sister's pussy.

    Her legs began to shake and suddenly she collapsed on me in an earth shattering orgasm. We cuddled and kissed passionately.

    T he next night she climbed into my bunk directly and completely naked. I was a little concerned because I did not want to get her pregnant. She took my cock out of my pjs and began to stroke it like she had seen me do many times before.

    Then she climbed on my lap and I thought oh no she is going to make me penetrate her. But instead she began to massage my cock with her pussy lips, which is called a cameltoe slide. She was in control and she kept sliding her pussy up and down the shaft of my cock, until I shot my load all over my stomach. Then for the first time she licked up all my cum.

    Shortly after this, our father got a promotion and raise so we moved into a bigger house. We got seperate rooms, so it got more difficult to engage in our nocturnal play. Besides, we both started to get our own gfs and bfs.

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    Hot! Our mom was single and did shift work as a nurse. My sis and I would stay at Nana's when mom was working late. We shared a single bed in the basement rec room when we did.

    There was not much room so I spooned my sister. It was difficult not to get an erection, especially since my sister wriggled her ass through her nighty.

    Eventually I couldn't control myself any more. I lifted my sister's nighty up and began to masturbate by rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks. I also reached around and diddled my sister's hairless pussy.

    We played like that until I came on her ass and she squirted out if her pussy. Once we were both spent, it was easy to fall asleep.

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