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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    When I was 17 our high school band sponsored a teen youth trip to Southern California and Disneyland. There was a boy in band I really liked. He liked me too. He had really blue eyes and was just a hunk.

    We fell in love on that trip. We were like a married couple, always holding hands and kissing. At Disneyland we spent the entire day in the park together. It was totally romantic and wonderful. We were totally in love!

    After spending the day in Disneyland all of us band trip participants spent the night at a school. Each chaperone or adult on the trip was assigned about a dozen band students.

    At bedtime students were sleeping on wrestling mats in different classrooms. Hunk and I got placed in a huge lab room with ten other students. Our room had no windows. Hunk and I pulled a mat and put our sleeping bags at the far end of the room separate from everyone else.

    Our chaperone told students to go use the restrooms and get ready for bed. The chaperone said once lights are out it's total lights out. He didn't want people on phones or turning on flashlights. There was a big day tomorrow and everyone needed to sleep.

    As soon as the lights were turned off it was pitch black in the room. Total darkness. While everyone went to sleep hunk and I started kissing and making out.

    The two of us just went sex crazy in the dark! In no time we were both naked! We just kept quietly kissing and touching each other's naked bodies. We had to get out of our sleeping bags because just the sound of the sleeping bags made noise.

    We fucked standing up! I sucked his cock in the dark. He sucked my tits and fingered me. It was so difficult because we couldn't see or even whisper or make a sound! There were times I could barely contain myself.

    The most difficult was nude on the wrestling mat on my back leaned up on my elbows. He ran his cock in and out my mouth. I kept accidentally making sucking and slurping noises! Then he filled my mouth with cum!!! I sucked excitedly as he filled my mouth with sperm! It was so fun!

    He sat behind me in the total darkness naked. He fingered me in the pitch black room. I went sex crazy! He used his other hand in the dark to play with my breasts. He gently squeezed my nipples. I had never felt so sexually excited! We tongue kissed too. I was so horny that night doing that in the dark!

    I had never done it before. We had to do it all silently in the dark. I fucked his mouth with my pussy! I felt his cute whiskers and soft lips and tongue in the dark explore my pussy. I don't think he ever did oral sex before. I kept shifting my pussy to where his tongue and mouth needed to be on me. I remember I was so wet that night pussy juices ran down my legs.

    It was the most difficult thing I'd ever done in high school: I had a HUGE orgasm--but I couldn't make a sound!!! I really tried but I made sounds in the dark as I kept having orgasms!

    If anyone was awake they probably wondered what was wrong with me!!! I think the excitement and thrill at what we secretly did just added to my sexual intensity. I masturbated myself later too because of was still too horny to stop!!!

    No one found out!!!

    That was the happiest trip I ever took to Disneyland in my entire life!!! It really was like a magic kingdom!

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    Girl clearly been visiting dreamland again. Yaw, can't touch this.

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