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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Finding out that I like cock in a bad way.

    Two years ago I got sent to Africa to collect some data for our company. I would travel like 20km a day and explore the area. I was just doing my job but I wasn't very welcomed everywhere. Two months after my journey started I visited some city in Kongo. Since I was to explore a forest there I got two local men two help me protect myself in case of emergency. Both muscular big guys. All the way they talked to each other in a foreign language pretending not to speak English very well. When we were in the middle of the forest things got weird. They stopped me and asked me if I had money. I told them that I had a small amount with me that day which didn't make them happy. They said that I had to pay them better and one of them kicked me from behind forcing me to my knees. The other one took his pants down and stood before me with his big black cock hanging. They started to speak English out of nowhere and ordered me to do "what is proper for a white boy" they said. I understood what they wanted to say but I wasn't willing to do so. They forced me by hitting me until I accepted to serve them. They stripped me and forced me back on my knees. One started to play with my cock while the other shove his in my mouth. Luckily he seemed pretty clean. He had no mercy and fucked my mouth with all he had while the other kept teasing me. I was getting horny by his touching but also felt very humiliated. He kept fucking my mouth for 10-15 min then he took hick cock out and cummed on my face. I had to clean my face with my hands and lick them clean as ordered. After that I was forced into the doggy position. One of them took my ass and the other my mouth again. My ass was virgin and it hurt as hell in the beginning. There cocks were thick and at least 8" long. Much longer than I was. They laughed at my cock and kept talking shit about black supremacy and black cock. Meanwhile I, being very horny, was starting to enjoy the intercourse. My ass stopped hurting after some minutes and the guy fucking my mouth was pretty gentle. I felt an orgasm building and the idea of cumming while getting fucked like that made me hornier and more humiliated than ever. I could do nothing but let my load out and moan. Some mins later they both came inside the holes they took. The cum didn't feel as disgusting as the first time and the hot load in my ass was some new sensation. I felt my anus gaping and somehow I was willing to try more. I was already humiliated so nothing could happen or make things worse if I enjoyed the sex at least. They said that we would start again after a short break. They wanted me to accept their black supremacy theory and didn't seem to want to let me go without achieving their goal. After the break the second guy, the gentle one, held me up like I was a little girl and pushed his cock inside my ass. I was feeling tiny and weak seeing how easily he could hold me and overpower me. I gave in and accepted the pleasure that his cock gave me so I started to moan. They seemed to enjoy hearing me moan as they said smth to each other which seemed like a celebration. I didn't care what they said I could do nothing so I enjoyed getting fucked. I came from anal sex again and my cum went on his body. He got angry and said that I'd pay for it but kept fucking me like that until he came. I had to lick my cum off his body and then I got spanked. The other one forced my face to the ground and make me hold my ass high for him to fuck. He wasn't gentle but actually better in sex. I moaned really hard and I really enjoyed him. To finish things up they both came on the hole of my penis to "mark" me. Then we went back. They left me at the entrance of the city and disappeared so I couldn't talk to the police. I saw them again several days later which would be two weeks before leaving and I thought that if I wanted to find out rather I was a bi or not, this could be my only chance. They tried to run away when they saw me but when I asked them to "use" me again they laughed and "celebrated" their success. Before saying that they were willing to use me I had to accept their black supremacy theory. Since I would disappear two weeks later it didn't matter so I accepted it. "Black cock is the only real cock and white boys are meant to be sissy slaves to serve black masters anytime they needed" and other stuff I had to repeat. They used me the whole day and it was the best day of my life. I enjoyed being their sissy slave.
    When I came back home I tried the same with a guy in the city but it wasn't the same... Guess I'm addicted to big black cock. They actually made me a bbc sissy slave. Any black man in Finnland? I need my ass stuffed badly and I want your cum. Be my master and use me to please your supreme cock!

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    Did you sample plenty of bum hole and cock , was your anus constantly filled to the brim with hot cum. How are you pooing. Are your turds nice and soft or do you need more fiber in your diet.

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