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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am around 6 ft 1 195 LB professional divorced white male with clean-cut decent looks brown hair mixed with grey and youthful looking.My career is at a hospital locally where as a social worker I work long days but have weekends off.Sexually I always considered myself straight and did not realize I could be aroused by a man.For the last several years I have been dating women in their early 40's to late 50's sleeping with some of them but nothing steady.To be honest I was getting tired of paying for dinners and dates and dealing with all the games women play.
    One Saturday night about a month ago I came home to my condo building after another frustrating night of a woman teasing me but no action.I was horny and frustrated.In the lobby was Fred a downstairs neighbor I had often chatted casually with.Fred was in his late 50"s chubby around 5 ft 8 and 220 with a bit of a gut bulging over his pants.He had thick black hair I was sure was colored.He lived on the first floor was always very friendly and chatty. I knew he would start talking and I was not sure what I would say.He was not handsome but had an easygoing nature and a somewhat soft flashy face with full lips.I sensed he was gay but that did not concern me too much as I never really responded to his teasing and flirtatious manner.This night though I felt a bit strange like I was flustered and uncertain.He must have sensed this because he immediately invited me into his condo for a drink and chat.I have never been in his condo and I noticed it was tastefully furnished with art though a touch feminine.He has me sit on his white sectional sofa and poured us both couple of rum and cokes heavy on the rum.The drink soon gave me a buzz and a warm sensation.He listened intently as I told him all my frustrations with women.He empathized with me and Fred told me I did not deserve that kind of treatment.Gradually he moved closer beside me on the sofa and looked deeply into my eyes.I felt this strange burning sensation inside me and a fluttering and I realized to my horror I was becoming aroused.I tried to fight the feeling but it just grew more and more intense.He started telling me how handsome I was and how he totally desired me.How he has wanted me for years.I mumbled about not knowing what to do and he smiled and said just relax Fred will take care of you from now on.He said he cooks and cleans and can take care of his man better than any woman can.Then he said he loves to make out like a woman does with a man and sex can always happen when it feels right. This strangely reassured me I do not know why.Fred then moved close and slowly kissed my mouth with his full lips.It felt womanly but different.His tongue slowly pried my lips apart and kissed me deeper.I felt myself responding to his kisses and we started necking with increasing passion.MY cock was rigid in my pants and throbbing with desire.We kissed deeply for along long time and it felt incredibly sexy.He led me then to his bedroom and took off all my clothes gasping when he saw my stiff 7 inch cut cock with its big mushroom head standing out from my body.I saw his naked body with a much smaller 5 inch cut cock which though it was short it was thicker than mine.It was rock hard as well.WE french kissed on the bed some more.Then he lowered his body on the bed and wrapped his full lips around my cock.He took it all easily and made me moan as he deepthroated it with all the passion he could muster.It felt so good the best blowjob I have ever received.I felt my cum surging through my balls after afew minutes and warned him I was about to blow my load.He said go for it baby I want it all.With that I exploded into his mouth as he greedily slurped all my juice down his throat.I lay there feeling open and vulnerable but content.Fred kissed me deep again and told me that it was amazing but the best was yet to come.He said that he believed that we were meant to be a couple.Then he said even though he was gay he was more of a top in bed he said he loved to suck cock but preferred fucking to being fucked.He thought that I could become a bottom with the right man and he would teach me. Then he surprised me>he said the trick was for me to lose my inhibitions after many years of straight life.He asked me if I wanted to smoke a cigarette and I said okay.He said smoking is like sucking cock the same basic action and sensation.He handed me a pack of Marlboro 100 s with the white filters. I took one and lit up. As I smoked he described how to suck a cock.I felt my cock stiffen a little again.After I finished the cigarette he took out a small bottle from his bedside drawer.He said these are poppers.When you snort these you feel short bursts of euphoria and lose your inhibitions the more you sniff.And soon your anus relaxes and it is easily penetrated with minimal pain.Without thinking much I snorted the poppers and soon felt this strange intense rush and excitement> he smiled and said let it go baby.I looked at his stiff 5 inch cut cock sticking up and desired it in my mouth.With the poppers in my hand i kissed the head of it and was soon sucking it greedily.As i sucked Fred he was moaning and saying he has been in love with me for years from afar.With the popper high it felt like sucking his cock was the most pleasure I could feel at that moment.Before he shot his load he had me crouch doggy style on all fours with my ass in the air.He shoved his cock into me and I briefly felt a bit of pain before it went all the way in and did not hurt anymore.I moaned and thought what the hell a gay man is fucking me and I love it. I felt like his slut his whore.he fucked me hard for no more than 5 minutes then blew his cream inside me in long spurts.That was a month ago and now I am his.

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