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    Straight Female / 33

    single mom of 1 (teen boy)

    i was picking up dirty clothing in my son's room to do laundry and i found one of my lace panties. i didn't notice it until i was separating the colors for the wash. it was obvious what he had been doing with it as it was very "soiled". i know my younger brother did the same thing with my mom's and my panties when i was teen.

    i had noticed that occasionally one of my panties would disappear and i thought either they were ending up with the odd socks or maybe our dog was packing them off. i was more at peace with the thought of them living with the odd socks and not hanging on a neighbor's hedge or roses.

    when i saw them i thought, "well, that makes sense."

    i washed them and put them back with his things with a small note that said, "i understand. please do not steal them and throw them away. you can put the soiled ones in the laundry and i will wash them." nothing more has been said by either of us. i find a pair of my panties in the laundry every few days. they are very "soiled" and i wash them and return them, or a less favorite pair, when i set his clean clothes back out.

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    Do you understand? Most men/boys don't want washed panties. They want worned panties that smell like they been rubbing against a hot wet pussy all day.
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    I used to cum on my moms panties when I first started masturbating. She wears bikini style or string bikini and like clock work Iâd cum ion the pair sheâd put in the bathroom hamper every night thinking she wouldnât notice. Unfortunately she did notice because a few months after I started doing it she brought a pair of panties into my room and asked why there is always cum on her underwear. She made me wear panties to school for a few days as punishment!
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    #1 no, i didn't know that. i just thought it was "women's panties" they were having fun with.

    he seems to be perfectly happy using the ones i am providing him with.
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    Of course he is "happy" using those, because he is glad that you understood him, but he is too shy to tell you the whole truth. He wants to have your fresh smell and taste on them to imagine it is you. Only reasons why boys would want to cum inside clean panties is that they are either crossdressers or they want women to wear their cum. My brother was doing that, trying to get close to me, before I noticed. Unfortunately I wasn't as understanding as you when it happened. I hit him with the wet panties. It took a while to fix our relationship :D
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    #4 are you saying that i am making him gay?
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    He want you to wear his cum.

    He want to smell and lick your pussy/juices.

    Pick one.


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