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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 27

    Really canât stand the neighbor guy. He doesnt clean his yard ever, itâs messy as hell! His wife however is nice looking and always seems to be walking around in their house in panties or a bikini after their kids go to school and he leaves for work. Iâd be standing in my kitchen in just my underwear and sheâd have a great view if sheâd look over at my house since my sliding glass doors face their house.

    About 5 months ago she came knocking at my door around 8 am when Iâm standing in the kitchen cooking in just my briefs. Could tell she was eyeballing me in my briefs when she was asking for help doing something. Sheâs in her mid 40s and looks like sheâs 35. Put my pants on and helped her with what she needed that day. A few days later she was back at my door and I kinda had this vibe she wanted something. But this time she grabbed my bulge in my briefs and asks if Iâd be willing to fuck her. Now how could I turn that down! I told her I obviously didnât really like her husband and that Iâd always thought she was hot. She told me her husband only wanted sex onceâs a week and she needs it more.

    Went to my bedroom where she pulled my briefs off and started sucking me. Telling me that Iâm much thicker and bigger then her husband. Iâm 6â and thick. She told me heâs 5â. I then take her dress off, pull her panties off and find a hairy pussy! I started eating it for a few minutes till I got a condom out of my night stand and started fucking her. Was surprised how tight her pussy was for having two kids. But I ended up in her ass that hadnât had a cock in it in 20 years she told me. It was very tight and she was screaming. I fucked her ass for a good 10 minutes before i cummed. Filled that condom up!

    The next day she came back over and we went right to my bedroom. This time she ha d my cock in her hand and told me to cum in her ass. So I was bare in her ass fucking her till I blew a huge load deep in her ass! All while I told her that her husband pisses me off lol. She knows he does and he gets on her nerves.

    So Iâve been fucking her ass a few times a week before I go to work since then. Always love the sight of her naked hairy pussy laying on my bed! Though a few times Iâve fucked her just before sheâs had to go pick her kids up from school. I bet my cum was leaking into her panties those days. And her husband has fucked her on days Iâve cummed in her ass, he doesnât get to fuck her ass though. Sheâs told me his dick is small when soft and doesnât even make a bulge in his white briefs! Lucky I have a nice bulge in my briefs for her to grab!

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