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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Hello I recently revealed that a month ago I was seduced by a chubby 68 yr old gay male in my condo building and am now his lover.I am 52 divorced 6 ft 1 tall and fairly slim.Fred my lover has discovered I have become quite the slut which he encourages.I watch lots of gay porn with him now and do poppers every weekend so he can fuck me easily.My straight conditioning appears now completely gone and I find myself checking out older men's bulges on the street and frequently thinking of servicing cock.Fred is in love with me but wants me to experience other cocks as long as I stay with him.
    Last week we were chatting one night at his place and talking about my new preferences for men.I mentioned that his chubby older look was my preferred sexual choice now and made me horny as hell.Fred said he knew a lonely old man in our building who was also gay who had told him he had been eyeing me for years like Fred had been.His name was Tom and he was 70.Fred suggested he call Tom over so that I could please him as well.He warned me that Ton was very emotional and would want to kiss me make out for hours and fuck me as well.And that he had not had sex in years.This talk aroused me and I was soon stiff in my pants.It was a Thursday night and early in the week to do poppers but Fred got the bottle and brought it to me.I was soon poppered up and open to anything.Fred put some gay porn on the TV and I sat back sucking on a Marlboro light 100.I heard him calling Tom on his cellphone.There was soon a knock on the door and Tom came in.He had white hair a big belly and was about 5 ft 9 around 240 lbs so he was heavier and much older than Fred.Instead of turning me off it turned me on and I wondered how this would go.Tom sat between us and nervously began to talk.I could tell he was totally into me as He could not stop looking at me.He described how lucky he felt Fred was to have me as his lover.Fred reassured Tom by saying if this goes well you can come over and have Mark too regularly as he needs some variety.Tom stammered and said what if I fall in love with Mark.I am an emotional guy.Fred said no worries a man can be loved by 2 men and as long as you understand Mark is mine I am cool with it.With that Fred directed Tom to kiss me and get the ball rolling.Tom kissed me nervously with wet sloppy kisses but I kinda liked it and kissed him back.We would kiss for awhile then I would snort some more poppers.Tom started getting carried away and saying I love you between kisses.Fred laughed and said let it go Tom and feel what you want to feel.His expressions of love excited me and i felt this rush of euphoria.Soon I heard myself saying the same thing to him and the necking intensified.By this point going to the bedroom happened very quickly
    Tom lay on the bed and I sucked him like the greedy needy slut I was becoming.He also had a shorter stubbier penis than mine that was maybe an inch longer than Fred's.As I gave him this loving blowjob I was aware he would cum soon if I did not stop.I then got on all fours as Fred greased my asshole with lube.Tom got behind me and moaned as his cock entered me.He grabbed my hips and pushed slow and deep into me back and forth.God it felt so good.I could hear him saying I love you Mark as he thrust back and forth.I love you too Tom darling I replied feeling at that moment i really did love him too.I could hear Tom losing control and ejaculating a big load into me.Oh wow i felt so slippery and slutty with an old man's cum oozing out of me.I then heard Fred;s excited voice telling Tom to pull out it is his turn.Fred was saying knowing my slut is now loved by 2 men makes me jealous and excited in a strange way.I am going to fuck you hard now Mark and blow my load mixed with Tom;s load of sperm.Your ass will be filled with our cum you fucking whore.Fred then pushed in and rammed me good saying I love you Mark you filthy dirty little slut.He fucked me for 10 minutes before he finally let go with a cry and emptied his balls into me.I could feel 2 men's cum leaking all over.I lay back down and both men took turns kissing my mouth slow and lovingly.That night Tom slept over and fucked me again as Fred watched.As Fred predicted Tom became needy and greedy for love kissing me all night long and cuddling.He did it so much I got used to it and felt myself glowing in love as well.The last few days have felt surreal and strange.I have been having sex and loving with both men as Tom has stayed over making up for lost years.As I sit here in the living room smoking a Marlboro I hear my 2 lovers snoring in the bedroom together exhausted from sticking their juicy cocks in my mouth and ass.Now I realize I want to please and love both of them.For the first time in my life I feel complete.

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    Do you drink down his spunk every night. Is his asshole nice and moist
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    Not every night but I would say I swallow his load 2-3 x a week
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    I drain my other lover too 1 x or 2 Badx a week
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    I am not really into rimming but definitely into oral kissing and being fucked.
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    I'd like to try that sticking my dick in a cum filled ass n having my ass willed with cun by two dicks the thought turns me on, I never had a dick before guess u can say I'm a late bloomer

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