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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am a 62 yr old tall white male around 200 pounds who has been seeing this 60 yr old blonde female with streaks of grey in her long hair for about 6 months.I met her on an online dating site and she is very open-minded about sex.Unlike any other woman I have known she sees other men on dates and has sex with them because she is often horny and cannot wait for me to see her.She tells me about her encounters and enjoys I get a hardon when she describes how it feels when some man's cock is inside her.Judy will incorporate these stories into our lovemaking.Gradually her telling me these erotic encounters has deepened a feeling inside myself that arouses me.I imagine that I am Judy getting fucked by men and sucking their cocks.One night I got the courage to tell her my fantasy and she to my surprise encouraged it to happen.She said I am having other men so why don't you have a man too.But her suggestion was even more kinky and bizarre than that.She described her landlord as this 75 yr old wrinkled lonely widower named Jack who had come on to her for years but she had always turned him down as too old and unattractive.But she had an idea, a crazy one.I will tell Jack he can have me for one night if you suck his cock like i suck other men.This way you can feel like me with a man but you know I am making you blow some old ugly guy for my amusement.And seeing you do this act is so out there I will then let him fuck my pussy.I thought about all of this and wondered whether she was crazy or I was even crazier for contemplating this idea.She then looked at me and smiled.Mark, I think you secretly desire men so trust me on this try it and see if it excites you.But he is old and unattractive I replied.Judy said yeah but he has a lonely cock that needs looking after.So with that it was agreed.

    She spoke to Jack a few days later as he lived on the main floor and she had the basement apartment.She smiled and said it is set for tonight.Let us get a bottle of wine and lose our inhibitions.We drank some wine and both smoked Salems as we waited for him to come downstairs.She was wearing blsck tights and top while i was in some jogging pants and t-shirt.Jack came downstairs looking nervous.By this point Judy and I were a bit tipsy.Jack had receding white hair a big nose and glasses and a bit of a paunch.He was not attractive .And he looked every year of 75.He sat down in a recliner and Judy says well Mark why don't you go over to Jack and get on your knees and caress him a bit.I did as she told and went over to him.He had loose pants on.Judy asked me to unzip his pants and caress his cock through his underwear which I did.I felt this fat cock and stroked it awhile.It gradually stiffened and Jack closed his eyes and moaned a bit.I thought the old bastard is enjoying this.My own cock was stiffening in my jogging pants and Judy could see that.She said OH my Mark you are getting turned on.I then took his cock out of his underwear and played with it some more. It was thick and cut with a big head and about 6 inches long.It looked really sexy to me.Judy then said suck that old dick Mark really suck it good.I kissed the head then slowly engulfed it.I sucked it nice and slow and realized I loved how it felt in my mouth.Judy watched intently as I gave Jack a blowjob.I thought this is how Judy must feel sucking men.The thought excited me and my own cock got so hard it hurt.Judy then lit a cigarette and walked over to me.She asked that i put her cigarette in my mouth while she takes her tights off.She said suck on my cigarette while I ride this fucking cock.I could tell she was really horny.She then sat on Jack's cock and it easily slid inside her.She wrapped her arms around his neck and started riding hard.Soon she was kissing him passionately and moaning.She kept riding until he started crying out I am coming then she cried out herself in orgasm and they both came together.She sat on him for quite awhile then she led him to the bedroom beckoning me in.Her demeanor changed dramatically.She was affectionate and loving with him giving him sweet lengthy kisses.She then said I have a confession to make Mark.I have not been seeing other men only Jack.He fucks me when you are not around.I love him but I need to also have a man that likes the taste of Jack's cock so I can watch.Then she instructed me to lay on the bed.jack will jerk you off now baby because his cock made you so fucking hard.With that Jack caressed my cock and then proceeded to masturbate me to an intense orgasm.Judy smiled and said one day you will be riding Jack's cock too and really know how it feels to me me.

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    Do you think you will begin to prefer Jack's cock to her pussy?

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