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    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    Ten years ago I was working in this warehouse, it was my second job. I needed the money because I just got divorced. This ebony woman and I got to be friends at the warehouse. She was chubby and very top heavy. I sort of envied her huge breasts. Mine's were C-cup. We would take our breaks together. In the break room we talked about everything.

    Then one day Rose said to me, "I don't screw white men because their dicks isn't big enough." I told her I dated this white guy for awhile mainly because I felt sorry for him. "Why's that hun?" she asked. I told her he was hung like a horse, way too big of a cock for a woman. I couldn't fit it in me, so I kept jerking it and ran my mouth all over it. "You're BS-ing me girl." said Rose. "I'll arrange it so you can see for yourself Rose." I told her. We found a date and time were us three could meet at my place.

    Rose got there first. She was all dolled up. Cleavage that jiggle like jello, tight skirt that enhanced her butt, and tall heels with straps. As we sat waiting for Tom, I started to this strange idea in my head while looking at her. When I let Tom in I gave him a hug and kiss. "Long time no see Babe" he said. I introduced him to Rose. "Damn woman, them tits are begging for a cock!" Tom said. We all went into the bedroom.

    I stood behind Tom and let his dick hang out. "See I was telling the truth Rose." "Damn Girl! I wonder how big it get when it's hard." Rose said. While I watched Rose get it hard and rub it between her tits, I was getting moist. They undressed. Rose rubbed that dick across that belly and breasts of hers. She went to doggy position where Tom slipped that horse dick between her legs and across her pussy. This caused me to take my clothes off. I never been with a woman but Rose turned me on. I had to get under her and work on her breasts. I didn't think Tom's cock would fit into Rose, but she slowly guided it in her. He worked that dick until she loosened up. While watching Tom's cock go in and out of her pussy, it seemed natural to for me to say, "Yeah girl, take that BWC, you want that BWC, you won't enjoy BBC no more! You want to try white pussy?" I straddled across her face. Rose said, "I always enjoy white pussy over black ones." The three of us got along with each other from that day.

    I moved out of town for a good paying job. But always remember Rose and the sexual fun we had.

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