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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    I am in a lesbian marriage. We are married, 32 years old and have been together since our freshman year in college. We have a man that takes care of us, we are both primarily passive and we are obedient. We live together, he has his room and we live in our room, that's not to say that from time to time we start getting touched and that pretty much means that he want us. When he pulls me aside into his arms and tells me that he loves me and I tell him I love him and let him kiss me it is a sign that I am going to have sex with him. The same goes for my wife, although I am his favorite.

    My wife and I met in our freshman year in the dorm. We met one day when we were both going to do laundry but there was just one machine free and she suggested that we wash our clothes together and I went to her dorm room while the machine did its thing. From that day on we did our laundry together, wash, dry and fold. Our first 'act' of a sexual nature was sharing panties. We got naked and put on each other's panties, falling on her bed laughing, we hugged breast to breasts and ended up in our first kiss.

    We moved in together in our sophomore year and in our junior year we moved in with him, sharing a two bedroom townhouse. We did the cooking, cleaning and laundry and he did the eating, dirtying and messing. He was a man with two wives and we loved being his wives and taking care of the house for him. It was the perfect life and after college we all went together to live. We had sex because after all we were the women at home and otherwise we would have had some other woman in the middle. Giving him sex was easy, it was pleasurable, and when we were in college and our early twenties we shared sex together. My wife is more the lesbian, I am more bisexual.

    Later, as we got older we started to deal with the fact that he had fallen in love with us, for real. He refused to choose and when the law changed we got married instead of one of us marrying him. Either way, two of were going to be married and the third one had to be married in spirit. We are married in spirit to him and call him our husband. We like being his wives and we love him.

    I am a cock sucker, swallower of cum. My wife thinks its gross but she sucks his cock but won't let him cum in her mouth. She loves pussy, she has hundreds of pictures of my pussy. She started taking pictures before the iPhone and she stores them in albums and has her favorites. It's a gynecological record. I love tits, I always have. It is pretty much been something for me from when we first got together. It is just that I like the feeling of her tits, in my hand, my mouth, against my chest, rubbing me down the back. I like having her eat my pussy, I like being her woman when she is having sex with me. I would rather have her eat me than him, he is rough and spends too little time before he wants to fuck.

    I guess that our life is me with my wife, and me with him. He won't fuck my wife unless she is really in the mood, he understands that sex with him is something she does to please him. He and I have sex regularly, I sleep with my wife every night, we are both passive when it comes to sex so it takes a lot of hugging and kissing to get us in the mood before she and I have full blown sex. Once she gets started I let her take the lead.

    Outside the bedroom we are like any other early thirties couple. We have a house, we work and we hang out with our friends. That we are together as a lesbian couple is no longer an issue, it is more of an issue with our friends and family that we got with him to his bed from time to time. I guess having us married as lesbians didn't raise much concern. Being wives to one man does. No one believes me that if I hadn't married my wife I would have married him.

    So much from the lives of a threesome with benefits.

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    I was wondering, do you eat out each other s poo holes ?
    I bet you have delectable piss flaps.

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