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    Gay Male / 52

    I guess I have fought gay desires all my life,been married, dated women and very often needing to think of cock to cum when I was with a woman.My name is Mark and I am 62 yrs old.Many times I thought I had some control of the desires and could live some sort of straight life.Lately it feels inevitable that I am turning to men for good.Of course I have had anonymous affairs with men and gay interludes when all I could think of was cock.Somehow I would will myself to return to women and swear I would give up these urges.

    I suppose I just did not want to be gay and refused to accept it.Yesterday however everything just fell into place.Leaving my apartment I walked through the local gay area.Knowingly I checked out men's crotches and felt this was not just another cruising experience.It hit me finally that I was gay and I may as well live the rest of my life as a gay man.Just as I was thinking this I noticed this older gay man staring at me.He was outside this gay bar smoking a cigarette enjoying a deep drag.I had seen him before many times and he often smiled and checked me out.I never stopped but felt a stirring in my groin.He was about 70 or so weathered face a bit of a belly and looked like he had been around a long time in the gay lifestyle.In the past I would never have compared myself to him but today was different.I knew that I was becoming more and more like him without realizing it.I was smoking my cigarettes with a slow sensual elegance.I was looking at men's bulges with lust like he did every day.I was hoping to be with men and have sex with them.This time I stopped and went up to him.Hi my name is Mark could I bum a cigarette off you I said.He offered me his pack and I took one.I put it in my mouth and he flicked the lighter for me and I inhaled the smoke deeply.I noticed his short white hair and moustache. Likely the Marlboro man look of the 70's .I took another deep drag and he spoke.Why don;t we get out of here and go to my place he said matter of factly. My name is Bruce by the way.He started walking and I went with him. My heart was pounding.He knew what I needed.After a 10 minute walk we got to his hi rise building and took the elevator to his floor.Inside his apartment I noticed gay videos and magazines and a bottle of poppers on his coffee table.He took his clothes off and I removed mine. It was all inevitable like I no longer had control of it.I said Bruce I am a gay man and this is what I need.He smiled and said I know Mark. I have known you were gay for years.When I saw you looking at me and other men we just know.You have always been one of us now you can admit it.Then he said okay faggot get on your knees and suck this dick.My heart pounded hard as I took his 7 inch cut cock in my mouth.I kissed and licked it with so much lust and desire that has been with me all my life.Before he was even close to coming he had me get on all fours on the living room carpet. Snort these he demanded as he placed the open poppers in front of my nose.I snorted until I felt that rush of heat go through me and the strange waves of lust that poppers induce.Bruce fingered my loosening asshole and put some lube in it from a tube he had nearby.Then he got behind me and slowly entered my assc**t bare.The head of his cock parting my anus easily.Her started fucking me with confident deep strokes.God it felt good.He fucked me like thjat for I do not know how long but it was intense.My body started shaking with the beginnings of a full body orgasm which I had often experienced with dildos and anal play on my own.Now it was his cock making me orgasm like a woman inside my body. I was moaning and crying out.Then he groaned and let loose his seed breeding me with a flood of his semen.He pumped quite a load in me.After he withdrew he said tomorrow you and I will be standing outside that bar watching other men walk by,lusting after them, and smoking our cigarettes contentedly.A couple of gay men just being themselves.

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    I presume your asshole is like a soap dispenser its had so much cum pumped up it.
    Cum dumpster.
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    That was hot. It made my cock hard, I always wanted to be with a stranger

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