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    Straight Female / 32

    I am 32 and single, several failed relationships. The last one hurt a lot, I really felt that I was going to get married. I guess I am in morning about it. I got sent to training on the new system and I was given a new girl to go with me. She is 24 and just recently finished college. She is like the little spoiled sister I never had. I have to do everything for her, she hogs the bathroom so I have to get on her to hurry up, she changes over and over before we finally go to the training center. She and I share a room at the Holiday Inn next to the training center.

    After several days, this has been a month long training session, she got comfortable enough to walk around in her underwear before getting dressed, and putting on her make up which she now does over the dresser in the room instead of hogging the bathroom. Watching her, so young really, her legs are firm and so is her butt, and not because she works out. I sit on the bed pretending to get myself ready and watch her put her make up in her underwear. Yesterday she bent over and I got a full on view of her pussy in her panties. I got wet, not slowly, just from ok to wet. I have never gotten wet like that with any of the guys I have dated.

    In any event, when she was done I grabbed her, I was sitting on the bed and I grabbed her by the hips and told her to stand still. I put my hands around her butt and pulled her towards me and pushed my mouth into her panties, smelling her and breathing hard into her panties. My tongue went down her slit and she was wet, pushing my head away saying nonsense things, I held on tight until I fell to the floor and eating at her as hard as I could.

    If she turned I don't know, but I was now eating her with her back to the bed and she fell on the bed and I spread her legs and pushed my face and mouth into her panties as hard as I could, her hands grabbing my hair. I am stronger and I pulled on her panties until I got them off and ate her bare pussy. Something I have never done and had never desired to do. She was so wet I had her pussy all over my face, my tongue digging into her vagina, eventually working up to suck hard on her clit and grabbing her tits while I sucked she went into an orgasm.

    I apologized, she said stupid things, she put on her panties angry at what had happened. I apologized again, turning her to face me. I honestly told her that nothing like that had ever happened. I straightened myself out, helped comb her hair, forced her to let me dress her and button up her blouse. Once she was totally dressed and presentable I kissed her mouth.

    Last night she slept with me, at first she was reluctant to come over to me, but I insisted and held the covers up for her. As soon as she was in bed I reached under her nightgown to take off her panties and took off mine. I ate her, she ate me more or less, I fingered her and had her finger me, more or less. I kissed her several times, I sucked on her tits, I told her that I wanted her pussy like in the morning, and I got on my knees between her legs and ate her again, tonguing her vagina and sucking and twisting her clit until she had another orgasm. Twice in the same day, her first orgasms not being alone. I took her hand and had her finger me and rub my clit hard while I kissed her and managed to have my own orgasm.

    She is a virgin, never been fucked. We have a week to go on our training. She is sitting on the bed while I write this, I want her to know that I just loved eating her and making her have an orgasm. I want more, and I want her to eat me and give me an orgasm. I want that, now it is her turn to make me feel like she got the chance to feel, totally consumed. She has really nice tits and her skin is soft and warm and her pussy is so eatable, I won't say fuckable because I don't want her fucked. Her nipples are hard right now, her mouth is closed tight and she is breathing through her mouth. I just told her to slip her panties off but she is staring at me so I better go there and help her.

    I am straight and believe she is too, but not right now.

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    That got me super hard and masturbating something that doesn't happen very often reading these confessions. You should have the young lady post her confession on here from her point of view that would be interesting
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    #1 sad twat. Get out and get a job you slob.

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