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    Straight Female / 36

    This happened ten years ago. I was twenty-six. My husband and I talked about swinging/wife-swapping but never committed on the idea. One Friday night on our usual town tavern socializing we connected and clicked with this couple we never saw in there. They were 30'ish and very friendly. We bought each other rounds of drinks. They told us they was bar hopping and looking for sort of an adult bar. We told them that the only 'adult' bar was a topless bar in a town ten miles away. They asked us to join them and show them where it was. We agreed and left our car at the tavern.

    As we sat at the table and watched the girls dance on the bar I told Barb their breasts was not worth showing off. She laughed, "I agree." They finally confessed they were swingers and was bar hopping looking for a wife-swapping couple for the night. My husband, Jon, and I looked at each and nodded to each other. We told them, why don't they drop us off at our car and follow us to our home were we can discuss this subject matter.

    As we discussed the subject, Barb's hand slipped down into her husband's pants and her husband, Bob, hand slipped into her blouse. "If you guys feel uncomfortable about this, we can always soft swing." they said. "What's that?" we asked. Then they said it was watching each other play with their spouses but not swapping them. We took our clothes off. Jon and I sat on the love seat and they on the couch. We watch Barb go down on her husband and I did the same with Jon. Then Bob went down on Barb and Jon went down on me. This was so erotic and hot! We watched Barb get on Bob. Then she turned around and faced us while sitting on his dick. "Well Jon, let's see you poke Betty." Barb said. I faced Jon because I didn't to see their faces. When the thrill was gone they said they had a long trip back home. We exchanged phone numbers. "Well thank-you people, if you want to exchange partners, give us a call." and they left.

    Jon and I decided to join a swing club. They held parties once a month. While we was in the hot tub at the club we was stunned. To our surprise, our dear friends, Fred and Sally, happened to be there. They said, "If we knew you two wife-swapped, we wouldn't have paid a trial membership." They got in the hot tub and told us this was their first time. We convinced them to go into a private bedroom with us and we would help them get into swinging.

    Our after church activities included Fred and Sally, where we all walked about the home naked after mass.

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    You're use of 'was' when you should be using 'were' is your tell, and gives away all your fake posts.
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