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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 55

    I hate my neighbor. He's a lazy SOB. Doesn't mow his lawn. Lets his trash get blown in my yard and lets his dog crap in my yard. His live-in lady friend is very considerate and always apologizes. Peggy 50'ish now, is an unattractive bean pole with a huge head of hair that's tied up. Smokes endlessly.

    One day about two years ago I answered my door in my boxers. It was Peggy. I didn't know my fly wasn't completely closed. My mail got into their mailbox and she wanted to handed to me. As she puffed on her cigarette she kept looking at my boxers. "Do you want to come in and join me in some coffee," I asked. "Sure," she said. I placed an ash tray on the table and poured a cup of coffee. As she puffed, she asked if I had something stiffer to put in the coffee. I put some whisky in it. She told me her boyfriend was a lazy ass and liked how I kept my yard nice. That he doesn't notice her, only his dog. "I know I'm not the best looking broad but I could be your sex buddy for how he doesn't respect your property. I'm willing to be your Mistress or sex slut. Are you interested?" she said to me as she smoked her cigarette. "Sure", I said just to get even with my neighbor.

    She told me this was a good time as any other time. I showed her the bedroom she undressed and lit up another cigarette. I went to get the ash tray and she yelled out, "Don't forget to bring that pint back here also babe!" She was leaning back with her legs spread and playing with herself with one hand and the other hand was holding her cigarette. "Babe, drop them boxers, I couldn't help noticing your cock." I dropped them but my penis was only semi hard. She knew how she looked didn't turn me on, so she started talking dirty as she was playing with her vagina. This gave me the boner. She kept talking nasty and smoking away as I slipped it in her. "That's it Babe, put it in deep, get revenge for that SOB of mine." When I thought of him the harder I wanted to fill Peggy up. She wet her fingers and circled her nips and lips which caused me to finally give my present to my neighbor.

    During these couple of years with Peg, I put up a sex swing in the spare bedroom, making it easier to fill Peggy up and for her to tie up my cock and balls and slap them hard till I shot my cum up in the air. Peggy pretends she's his dog in heat and takes my boner to upset him. When we're together at my place, we're nude always. I make Peggy wear a collar and leash. I own her now.

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    I have the King of Assholes for a neighbor, just a real cocksucker. He makes life miserable whenever he can for his neighbors. I not only fucked his wife and mother that lives with him, I bred his seventeen year-old daughter and she thinks she pregnant. He is a racist motherfucker and I'm black so if it's my kid his head will fucking explode haha.

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