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    Straight Female / 46

    It's Sunday morning and I woke in bed with a girl again. I met up with her a couple of weeks ago and this is the second time that we wake up together. In part I feel terribly guilty, about the things we did last night. She invited me into the bed by spreading her legs out and asking me to go down on her. I did that the last time we slept together.

    I really don't understand the appeal, part of me felt it was gross looking at he naked wide open pussy and part of me felt very erotic. She is 25 and she works as a cocktail restaurant close to my work. I am 46 and I cannot even remotely hope to look like her. Playing in bed she likes to be hugged, cuddled, which leads me to hold her breasts, which she seems to really like.

    We did kiss which I understand is the thing you should never do in any casual relationship.

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    No, it's called queerdom, it's a behavioral disease, it should be illegal & both of you dames should be prosecuted & sent to prison.
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    This dude above is just horrible.

    Anyway, you do you hun! It sounds like you're battling with societal teaching vs your gut reaction, like you're telling yourself it's not okay. It is perfectly okay to like it, to like her, to like women. Casual or not, kissing or not, you have a part of you that really likes women. It's definitely scary to explore or even to admit it to yourself, but it does wonders to recognize who you are and what you enjoy. You should try talking it out with her, or talking to yourself in the mirror as though each side of you were debating. Thinking aloud and talking to myself helps me get the ideas and feelings into the open where I can focus on them and let them take shape.

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