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    Gay Male / 50

    I am a 50 yr old married male who is married to an older domineering woman of 73.This is my second marriage and much better than the first.Even though I am 6 ft 1 200 pound and my wife Mirvana is only 5 ft 5 and petite she wears the pants in the family ordering me around.In spite of that we love each other and do have lots of affectionate kissing and cuddling times.Sexually though we have not had intercourse in 12 years and instead she prefers me to pleasure her with long oral sessions.She thinks I am very oral and this is where my talents lie.

    For quite awhile now she has hinted that she thinks I am gay and this does not concern her as I will stay with her and not chase women for sex.A couple weekends ago she took me aside and said I need to further express my oral talents so she could watch.Her suggestion somewhat surprised me.She said that in her volunteer work she had made friends with this older gay man who was a widower but now fully out of the closet.She said he was 75 and very lonely and had not had sex in years.Why not invite him over on a Saturday night for some fun.I thought about it and realize I never turn my wife down on anything so I agreed.Good she said I will call him up.

    Gordon arrived the next evening appearing nervous and excited.He was balding,short and stocky but very friendly and decent.We had some drinks to relax.My wife then told us all to go into the bedroom which we did.As she lay on the bed smoking a Belmont cigarette she asked us to take our clothes off.We both nervously did as she asked.I noticed Gordon's cut cock was short and stubby maybe 5 inches or so with a medium size head on it.He was hard and had an embarrassed smile on his face.Seeing his hard cock made my bigger cock stiff as well.I am around 6 and a half inches of cut slimmer cock. Mirvana had Gordon sit at the edge of the bed.She then told me to sit beside him so we could kiss a bit.I did as I was told and as I kissed him I found myself and him really getting into it.We frenched deep for quite awhile until my wife asked us to stop.She then directed me to go on my knees and orally pleasure Gordon's cock.I was soon bobbing up and down on it enjoying how it felt in my mouth.It was just the right size.I found myself loving it and putting everything into it.Gordon by this point was moaning a lot.I realized that though I enjoyed orally pleasing my wife I enjoyed sucking cock even more.As I sucked him I could feel his balls tighten up.I am coming Gordon cried and started unloading his cum into my mouth.Take it all you cocksucking fag said my wife.... every last drop.I did as I was told and greedily swallowed every drop of his cum.My wife then had the 2 of us lay on the bed as Gordon polished my bigger dick with a loving blowjob.He had no trouble at all taking every inch of it and soon had me blowing my load deep down his throat.After we lay back and relaxed,Mirvana said that from now on I want you to look after Gordon sexually and keep him happy.He can come over here anytime.Is that okay with you Gordon.He smiled and said absolutely.I really desire your husband and would love to have him as my lover.

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    Try eating your wifes asshole every Friday afternoon after a curry the night before
    That should be most satisfying, and may stop you being a fat homosexual
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    That was incredibly rude bud.No need for that.Looks like you are just an ignorant asshole.
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    Thanks! That was one hot story. You are living the life I would like to live. While eating pussy is good, sucking dick is great.
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    Did Gordon ever fuck Minarava and he eat her fat pussy while you fucked his asshole?

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