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    I was in my 20's and I temporarily worked in a car lube shop. My boss was a sexy woman about 2 years older than me. We got along at work and became friends. If we closed together she'd drive and we'd get a beer and play pool on the way home. She always insisted she had fucked a co-worker before, which caused a lot of problems and would never do that again. One day while the shop was full of employees, cars and customers she called me into the office and told me to close the door. Then she lifted her shirt and showed me her large and beautiful tits to reveal they had both nipples had been pierced the night before and since I have a bag piercing she wanted to show me. One day after work she just blurted out "You know we're going to fuck, right?" Fine by me! It was great sex! We'd do it wherever and whenever we could. No relationship, just sex. I used to cum SO hard with this one that when I pulled out almost every time I'd get her in the face and all around her head. She finally put a joke pic of a gaping pussy on the wall above the head of her bed with a target on it and told me to aim for it. All that to get to the sexy part. One day she and I were working alone and it was just after the noon rush and there was no one in the shop with us, even though the shop was on a very busy road in the bright sunlight and the entire shop was glass all around. As we stood there chatting in the lube shop (can you ask for a better setting than a LUBE shop???) I just asked her if she would give me a blowjob. I stood in the middle of that shop, pulled down my pants and she got on her knees and sucked my erection and swallowed! What's my point? Has your boss ever gotten on their knees and given you a blowjob and swallowed while you were at work on the clock getting paid???

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