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    Straight Male / 43

    I was bored awhile ago and put an ad on Craigslist with a pic of my cock. A woman answered begging to give me a blowjob and swallow. To make it more exciting we didn't exchange face pics. We liked the thrill. When we met it turned out she was one of my patients. I simply said we had 2 options. We could either go our separate ways immediately and pretend it didn't happen or go ahead and do it anyway. Short version: she blew me and swallowed while her husband watched!

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    The truth here is you actually met a 54 year old man. You sucked his cock and swallowed his fuck sauce.
    You then proceeded to take his fist up your well used asshole as he gave you a reach round.
    He then tromboned you till you shot your load over your bed.
    Thats what really happened!!
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    #1 why are you being such a butthead? The guy didn't say any of that.

    Your comments are, most probably, a true view into what you really want, but are frustrated in you actions.
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    #2 you are obviously a cock sucking fagg. Take your gay comments somewhere else. Turd gobbler
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    #1 you are jealous of other people having great sex while your 30 something year old ass cowers in your retired parents basement wishing you had the balls to date women but instead, you jack off to gay porn and maybe someday will be forced to move out of their house. Or maybe your'e just a fucking limp wristed faggot and keep reliving the time an old man m****ted you in the park. Get a life you fucking loser!
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    #1 & #3 it just seems to me that a person that maliciously comments crying gay gay gay, probably is himself, but like you, if so frustrated with his own pathetic life he has no outlet other than dump his pent up anger on strangers.

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