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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 43

    Technically she's not a neighbour but she was a karate student. She was such an unintelligent and thoroughly unlikable person. One day while I was drinking at home in Milton we got chatting on Facebook and it turned brutally kinky quick. I told her I wanted to punish her fucking face and throat with my cock. Literally punish her with my erection. She literally jumped at the offer and made a 1 hour drive to my place in about 40 minutes just to wrap her lips around my thick and vein studded erection. She came in and sat on the couch and I immediately dropped my pants, stood right in front of her, grabbed her hands and put them on my balls and cock and told her she had to be touching it at all times. She BRAGGED about her deep throat skills until I gagged and choked her.I fucked her face so violently and brutally over and over for a few hours until she stole my cum! I was pounding her face standing while she was kneeling. I went to pull out but she grabbed my balls and yanked my boner into her face. She forced me to fuck her throat by pulling me back and forth by pulling and yanking my engorged meatballs until I shot a HUGE load of fuck sauce down her throat. She looked pretty beat up. There was cum and spit all over her head and chest. Her throat was raw like she lost her voice and her eyes were blood red and tears all over her face smearing her make up. Hair was clumpy from me wrapping it around my fists to fuck her throat better. She looks destroyed and stands up and thanks me then leaves looking like she'd been gang r**ed by an army and drove home to her husband, who happens to be a very important guy high up in the government in my city!

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