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    Straight Female / 50

    This happened five years ago when I was forty-five and recently divorced. My son was off to college. I wasn't ready to date anyone. I got on those adult sites where you can cam. I really got off on that activity. I met all types of people of all ages, size, shapes and race. My frequent viewer was 'Jake The Snake'. He was half my age which intrigued me. Didn't show his face but his very long dong to me. We talked dirty and pretended we was having sex together for awhile. I had to stop because winter break was coming up and my son would be home.

    When he came home we hugged. His hug was sort of a sexual hug. I didn't think anything about it, just that boys would be boys. Then he asked if I kept busy while he was in college and if I started to date. "Same old boring stuff", I said. He said he's been chatting with a woman twice his age to past some time away. I said to him woman that are that age are MILF sluts that prey on innocent young men. That not to get involved with them. "Really?" he said. "Well then you must be a slut." "Why are you talking to me like that and that feel when we hugged!" I yelled to him. "Meet 'Jake The Snake'." as he hung his penis out. I was so embarrassed! Didn't know what to say or do.

    My own son I had the hots for on cam. "Don't tell your father or anyone about this." I said. He told me he won't '_But_'. He blackmailed me into being his slut for about a year, which I really didn't mind. I got over the divorce and been seeing men as much a twenty years younger than me.

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    It is sad to here this. And it could be bullshit its so preposterous, but tell us about your anus , is it pink and puckered or does it have a brown tinge to it. I suspect it looks and tastes delicious but maybe a bit tangy first thing in the morning, also do you have nice meaty labia hanging from your panty oyster? I love big lips and a big clit on a pussy
    Have a nice day. Look forward to your response.
    Kind regards
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    How hung is he?

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