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    Bi-Sexual Female / 54

    Well I'm 64. Remember the song? I got married when I was twenty because I was pregnant and the boy felt obligated to marry me. In those days it was hurry up and have your family early, get it out of the way. Three pregnancies, four kids before I was twenty five. By pure luck with help from my girlfriend I managed to finish my degree.

    My husband did well working in sales so I was kept at home with the kids. Happy life, lonely life. My girlfriend was my sole mate, soul mate and lover. We were 'girlfriends', long before girlfriends were popular. My husband never tore us apart, nor did he look for flings outside of our 'quaint' life. He loved me then and loves me now. Accommodation of his 'needs', and living up to all the homemaker role was my place in the home. I loved being a mother, something I never felt the 'need', it was thrust upon me. Children make you human.

    Somewhere in our path we just accepted our condition. Love is magical, and believe me you can 'learn' to love a man, to the point that you accommodate him. After all you are his wife. And being kept is the way to go. My girlfriend, we have been together since our freshman year when we found ourselves in Biology 101, she held my hand and kept me from flunking out. She was in her element and became a nurse, I graduated finally with an Econ degree but never worked. I met my husband through her. She rejected him and he fell in my lap, literally.

    She became more accommodating as the years went by, you just have to living under a mam's roof. Like me, in time, she found herself and her place with him. It is forty five years now, a long time together. Our secret is never stop saying I Love You, even if you are upset. Why he kept us is our unanswered question, having such a fertile field to play in. Yes, one day I knew he 'loved' me, his wife. Part of me meant accepting my girlfriend, we were a package deal.

    Sure, accommodating him was our make it work project, swallow your pride and learn to like it. The rest was easy, being married was easy. One day, deep in his arms, I slipped and told him I loved him. My girlfriend had to follow, declare herself too. We were young, still in our twenties. Youth! We blamed it on youth. The best accident of our life.

    We are, always have been, sister wives.

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    Somewhere here there is a stupid, absurd, liberal narrative waiting to be told. The old bag that wrote this never learned any proper writing technique or what chronology means. Rather, it's rambling regarding yet another man who has been victimized & traumatized by the mental disease more commonly known as liberalism. Yet at the same time, the criminal perpetrators exist as if there is nothing wrong with their actions. All that can be surmised from this poor composition is that the two dames should never be permitted to reproduce.
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    You know right away there's a n_i_gg_e_r in the woodpile when the scumbag lists age 54 at the top & then states she is 64 to her tale. Furthermore, the fool and her composition lacks credibility.

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