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    Gay Male / 30

    Back when I was a senior boy in high school I never dated, cause I had feelings for the jock type boys. I tried not to let on, but it was getting harder to control my feelings, especially for the black boys. One Saturday afternoon out at my uncles ranch his neighbors black hired hand was there, alone with his 16 year old boy. He went to the same school as I did, and played basket ball, he wasn't considered a jock, and I didn't know him, other than meeting in the hallways.

    One of my buddys was there also, he was off messing with the horses, and did end up going for a short ride on one, thats when the kid came over and started talking. I caught him looking at me in this kinda embarrassing way, but it got me interested. Shorly afterwards we made a trip behind a hay shed, it didn't take long till he was all over me, and I caved to him, and before I knew what he was fucking me dog fashion. That was embarrassing, but at the same time exciting as hell and I let him finish inside of me.

    When he pulled out I did have mixed feelings, but for the most part I was ok with it, the biggest embarrassing part was on the way back to town when my buddy told me he'd watched the whole thing. I traied to play it off as just something that I couldn't control and it happened, he said yeah, but I didn't see you putting up anykind of a fuss about it, in fact it looked like you may have wanted it. But trying to explain wasn't working, so I gave up trying, but in my mind I did like what he did, and that was just the first time.

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    I was the same during high school. I never understood how the powers to be expected all boys not to become interested in other boys, with raging hormones and showering together. I first noticed black guys big butts and then started checking out their dicks. Luck smiled on me when a new black guy started my senior year. It was rumored that he was gay. My hormones and curiosity got the better of me and I befriended him. After hanging out a while I made a comment that black guys have nice asses. He responded by saying that he likes white guys asses. From then on we talked to each other about other guys in private. A couple weeks later, we got so turned on that we fooled around for the first time.
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    I was done to me on my tummy, bottom up by some black boys in the park by grandma's house when I 12. I was titillated and humiliated at the same time, I had to hide my underpants from my grandma because they full of their boy stuff that leaked out on the way home to grandma's.

    I spent the summer with grandma that year and continued to submit to these boys regularly. Just before I turned 13 that August one of their uncles was fucking me too, that was rough because I was only supposed to suck him.
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    I was 16 and white, small for my age, and one afternoon at the park hanging with my dads black best friends 14 year old boy, who just happened to be more stud than I was and ended up with his dick in my ass. Before I could even feel embarrassed about it he came in me, I tried to move away but he said just stand still, and shortly he came again. After that when they came to visit, I knew my place with him.
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    Not really nothing to be embarrassed about, he knew you had something he wanted, and you found out you liked what he could offer you in trade, so age makes no difference in cases like that.
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    My friend Michael's mom really embarrassed me when she found out that Michael and the other guys were having sex with me. Michael and his friends are all black and I'm kinda like his only friend who is white. She saw what underpants I had on by the kinda waistband when she saw me wrestling with Michael without my shirt on. She found some of my underpants in Michael's and another bed in his room after sleepovers. I was so embarrassed cause I sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag. It's pretty obvious finding my bottoms in somebody's bed means sex.
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    At 17 I became good friends with another 17 year old boy that was black, he put the dick to me several times at his house. One Friday night when I stayed over and in his room, his dad caught me ridding his dick like a girl would, he never said anything, but it sure was hard looking at him after that.
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    I got caught by my mom getting fucked by the Mexican boy who did landscaping for my parents. I was a cute precociously promiscuous 12 year old kid who was obsessed with older boys. My mom was crying about it but was understanding because she kinda thought I was maybe gay.
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    A lot of years ago I was 17 and helping one of my uncles put up hay with his 18 year old Mexican hired hand. He figured out that I just might be a bitch that only needed to be claimed and bred. The first night after it got dark he proved his thoughts to be right on, I was his bitch to breed the rest of the summer.

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