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    Gay Male / 49

    Hi. i'm a 49 year old fag. i have an odd fetish. i perfer Men that i have sex with to be ugly. i don't care if they are old, young, Black, long as they are ugly.

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    I love to be confined in a long rubber-lined bag, tied at the neck, waist, and under my feet. There is a zipper at my mouth, and another one at my crotch. I too look for "ugly" males, overweight, much older, whatever, because they have such limited access to sex, other than wanking themselves, that limitless blow-jobs, from me, in the bag, seem like paradise to them. I love to be face-fucked by several guys, so that the first one is ready again by the time it gets back to his turn. I have a bunch of guys who take turns with me all weekend, every weekend, and holidays too, and I usually have about a quart of cum in my stomach, by the temporary cessation. They are talking about joining together, to enable me to stop working, and stay home for their constant visits and attention

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