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    Straight Female / 27

    It was sort of an affair at first sight. I went to work for the University Fund Raising organization for my Alma Mater. I had graduated from there with both my Bachelors and my Masters. I didn't get paid much, but of course I got paid with the pleasure of helping out my School. My job was boring. I was a clerk, doing summary work for the various endowments, the fund raising efforts, etc. No contact with any donors.

    One afternoon I got called by my boss and she told me to get her a report. I didn't now what report she meant and I asked her to please let me know which one it was. She yelled at me, belittled me, all of this was in front of one of the BIG Donors to our school. He got upset and told her to calm down, 'if the girl doesn't know what you are talking about she can hardly get it for you'. He asked me to sit, mostly because he didn't like me standing looking down at him. He offered me the chair beside him. All of a sudden I was under his protection, he was not nice, well actually he reamed out my boss and told her what he thought of her and as far as he was concerned he wasn't going to work with her anymore. The next thing I know I was called into the office of the Vice President of Administration and he told me that Mr. BIG Donor had specifically asked for me to work on his Endowment.

    I was 24 years old, a recent graduate, never worked at anything other than being a server at various restaurants and once I worked as a clerk over the summer for the State Farm Agent in my home town. Now I was meeting with him, going over his plans, and asking me what I thought about what was needed. My boss hated my guts but she had no choice but to accept her situation, and he didn't waste anytime telling her to leave me alone. I was his pet. And he petted his pet, my hand, my shoulder, my back. He received me in his office with a kiss on the cheek, and a hug which pressed me against him, whispering in my ear that I must have 'nice boobs'. He kissed me, to see if I liked it. He pulled me into his lap and his hand was in my crotch just like that. He whispered in my ear that a girl with a happy pussy made a good girlfriend and he wanted me to have a happy pussy. He fucked me that night, after taking me out to eat.

    I moved into an apartment that he kept in the hot zone of the city, three bedrooms, two baths, living and dining room and a gourmet kitchen. In the master he had a full size bed, in the guest rooms were queen size beds. He liked the full size bed so that his 'girl' was always close to him, where he could just grab her when he wanted her to pay attention to him. He liked oral sex, both giving and receiving, and he liked intercourse, straight up intercourse, whispering love words while he fucked. I was in all the way, and in over my head.

    One morning, he liked morning sex, while I was sucking his cock after breakfast, he kept putting this ring in my face, asking me if I liked it. He said it was his mother's, her wedding band and he wanted nothing more than I wear it and prove to him once and for all that I was his. I stopped and sat still while he touched my nipple with the ring and hung it on my nipple. He asked me if I had a happy pussy, if he made me the happiest girl around. He said he thought that maybe he would take me to Las Vegas over the weekend and bring me back his wife.

    Marrying a man who was twenty four years older than me scared me, I went cold and didn't know what to do. He was serious, I was scared. I was twenty five years old by just a couple of months, he was forty nine years old, with an exwife and two grown kids. But he had his mind made up and we flew to Las Vegas, stayed out by the airport at the Holiday Inn Express, he took me into town to a wedding chapel and after the paperwork and the ceremony I was his wife, no prenup, nothing. He screwed me the minute we got back to the motel, now I was his wife and he whispered that he wanted what every man wants from his wife.

    I am 27, I still feel like I am in an affair. I live in the BIG House, and his exwife lives in a BIG House almost identical to the one I live in. I spend a whole lot of time dealing with her, and all of her 'needs and wants'. I get lots of unwanted advise from her, not the least of which is to keep my legs together before he takes me seriously and puts kids in me. The master bedroom has a full size bed, he really likes having me right beside him, touching against him. I don't work on the Endowment anymore, unless speaking for the Endowment counts. He is really a morning sex man, we have sex almost always in the morning after breakfast and before we take our showers. He has a fetish for pussy, anywhere, anyhow, he doesn't mind if he has to peel me naked to get to my pussy. He means it when he says 'happy pussy'. Oral sex is an everyday thing, and he likes to have a dick massage. He married me and he tells me he loves me, but I still feel that I am in an affair and his exwife is still his wife. I know it is corny but I felt the affair the first day I met him in that conference room when he told my boss back then that she was basically a bitch.

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    Too bad you can't say the word no.
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    So you're a kept woman, big deal. Renditions like yours have been written in various forms for many years. Fact is, you fit the mold fundamentally, as this lifestyle you have is how woman was created ; to be obedient to, subservient to & to complement Man. It may be the twenty first century however many/most females would adore being in your shoes ; everything scripted. Remember, what can I say?? Control, Suits Me.

    Furthermore, we all know for most females, the word 'no' doesn't exist. It's not in your heart when any man is involved & women are expected to conform and say Yes.

    That's just the way it is & was meant to be, doll.

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