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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    Even though I'm seventy-one now I had and still have a good sex drive. Always kept an open mind. Men, boys and a few women were always attracted to me because of my large breasts and thick thighs. Was married once to an older person for security reason and when he died I started playing the field again. Never married again. I played with older persons, younger persons, married ones, boyfriends of gals that I knew. Gone to nudist resorts, topless beaches and did some taboo.

    For ten years I enjoyed playing and being around my former female friend's boyfriend, Jon. We are living together now. He's sixty-seven and doesn't take Viagra. Can get hard naturally. We use to take quickies behind her back whenever possible. I always wanted him but didn't want to ruin my friendship with my good friend, Judy. Use to get it on when us three went camping, in the parking lot when the three of us went dancing. Groped each other in her kitchen. When she broke up with him two years ago I snapped at the opportunity of having him my live in partner. She hates me for that.

    Jon has a fetish for my huge veiny breasts. He's the type of guy I always dreamed about. Guess Judy didn't care for his sexual interests, only his endowment. We're what you call senior citizens, but we don't act it. We don't do swing clubs because members there go for the younger ones. Now and then we luck out with older couples on the internet. We sometimes hit a home run at the nudist resort. We cam sometimes on the internet, Jon putting vegetables in my vagina sometimes. Mostly me going down on him or his cock and balls tied while I slap his dick. Once in a blue moon we find a guy that has a mother or grandmother fantasy.

    I love it when he thinks of me as his slut whore. When I role play as a dog bitch in heat and he mounts me while I'm wearing a collar and leash. We both like when our little dog Ginger licks our genitals. Now and then we go to the beach and screw on the sand and there be someone willing to join in.

    I'm very glad Judy let Jon go. I think I found my life partner and hope we stay healthy and don't lose our sex drive.

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