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    I am a petite Japanese woman just so you know what I kinda look like.This started 10 years ago. My two kids at the time were 17 (son) and 14 (daughter). This night my son had his best friend, who is white sleeping over. He did this alot. They usually just played videogames all night. But I guess my son had passed out early that night. I heard a wired noise down the hall so I decided to check it out. I found out it was coming from my daughter's room. The door was locked so I got the key and opened the door and was shocked to see my daughter getting fucked by my son's friend. I say out loud what the hell are you doing?! He panics and stands up so I can now see his impressive size cock. It was 8 or 9 inches at only 17. I told him to come with me and told my daughter to stay there and I would deal with her later. He was still naked as he followed me to my bedroom. I shut the door behind us and locked the door. I look at this young boy standing there scared and naked. And all I can think is how horny I got seeing his big cock. I ask him " so you like fucking little asian girls huh?" He started stuttering saying he was sorry he wouldnt hurt her. I told him to shut up. Then asked if he ever been with an older asian woman. He nervously said no. I walked over and grabbed his limp dick which was still thick in my small hands. I felt him getting hard. I got down on my knees and said I bet my daughter doesn't do this for you and started sucking him off. He said she does but not like that and started moaning. I felt my pussy getting really wet as I rubbed myself while sucking him off. I got up and lead him to the bed and laid him down. I climbed on top and slid down on him feeling every inch go deep inside. Deeper than my husband has ever been. My husband dick isn't very big like 5 inches hard. He says I'm tighter than he thought as I started to ride him. I told him he is bigger than my husband. It wasnt long before he had me cumming like I never had before. I kept riding him until he blew his load inside me. I told him dont worry I had my tubes tied after having my daughter. As we laid there with his gun now dripping out of my pussy, I told him he can still fuck my daughter as long as he fucks me as well when my husband is out of town. He is now married to my daughter and he still fucks me as well. My daughter does know. But my son and husband don't.

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    Can I do you?
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    I call bullshit.
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    Very hot.. mmmmmm, you ever suck him knowing your tasting her juices on his cock?
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    This IS probably a plot to a porno flick

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