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    Straight Male / 31

    I recently did some time in jail, you usually here of men getting r**ed in american prisons but it happened too me 9 months ago, I'm pretty small in stature and weigh around 10 stone, I was put in this cell with another prisoner, everyone was in with someone else in there and sometime 3 to a cell, anyway the guy was absolutely enormous, his arms were at least the size of my thighs and stood just over 6 feet.

    The assaults started almost straight away, and I learned later her was a lousy sex offender, all I did was defraud an insurance company! and got 6 months!

    First night he started talking about sex, I didn't really want to know but he kept on talking anyway, I tried to go to sleep although it was hard in there and he yelled at me, are you fucking listening to me! I don't usually get terrified like this but I was shaking with fear, next thing I knew he was standing over me with his cock in his hand saying I was going to suck it and he better enjoy it.

    I was given no time to react as he forced his cock into my mouth, com on suck it he said slapping my head, his cock was gagging me it was so big and disgusting I couldn't speak, never fucking mind he said, he held my head down and fucked my mouth until he came, I nearly puked at his rancid taste, he took his cock out and said, now you my fucking personal property and bitch and you better not grass me or I'll fucking kill you, and I believed he meant it.

    This went on for 5 month, every night I was forced to suck his cock until he came, he made me swallow his cum too, one night the same as usual, I decided I'd had enough, I never said a word to the officers but I did have a plan, he came over to me holding his cock, I decided to be nice about it for once and took his cock in my mouth without any complaint, he stood there enjoying what I was doing then I struck, I bit down as hard as I could, he started punching me like hell but I held on, he was screaming to get get of him but I clamped my teeth around that rancid cock of his, my mouth started filling up with blood too.

    With his screaming the prison officers came, the door opened and they were greeted with us on the floor with me with my teeth grinding away at his cock, there was blood everywhere, I got knocked about quite a bit by him and the officers got me to let go, I was covered in his blood and he was still screaming, I had nearly got through all his cock! about three quarters I was told later.

    There was obviously charges laid against me for assault and I put my side of it, fortunately they believed me but i had to spend another couple of months in there while it was all sorted out, they called it self defense and I was basically given a slap on the wrist, I was asked why I never reported it, I said I was afraid for my life and believed he would actually carry out his threat, I was very lucky there was only him assaulting me, if there had been two or three it would have been unimaginable, I just wish I had done it sooner rather than later, I learned later all his cock is good for now is pissing through, I don't care, he deserved it and much more, he was lower than whale shit and not human.

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    Wow, that's pretty gruesome! I was a cute twink of an 18 year old when I was busted for possession when I was hitchhiking out of state. I didn't want my parents to find out and decided that 90 days was better than having them find out. It was me and two guys who actually were criminals in the cell block. It became an immediate reality that they were interested in me in 9 way I didn't think about or I would have contacted my parents.

    I made a decision to submit rather than fight when it was suggested that my pretty lips would make for a good fucking. I learned quickly how to suck and satisfy them. The second week I was taken analy, they didn't care how much it hurt me, they just kept fucking me for my entire sentence.
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    Good job! Finally a story that I like about prison sex. I hope to not ever be in prison but I’ve always told myself that I would fucking kill any man that tries to r**e me. I’ve had anal sex before and it feels good, but when it comes to r**e, I will kill . Good job on making his dick not work..., he’s a disgusting sex offender, he deserves it. God bless you.
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    So sorry about your experience man, hope you are doing fine now, consider talking with a psychiatrist
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    I was sentenced to 30 days over 20 years ago for receiving stolen property. I had to serv atleast 20 of them but got out to go to work every day. My second night in there I was approached by a huge black man and a fairly big white guy. They tree a scrawny black kid in the shower with me. The shower had a curtain and a small area to dress in. They told me to either fuck this needle jockey or they were gonna fuck me. The White guy had the biggest dick I've ever seen. It took me awhile to get hard under that pressure but the little guy was openly gay and wanted it. I finally penetrated him and pumped for what seemed forever. They were jerking off watching and came on the both of us. When I tried to stop the said you have to nut in his ass. My Dick was on fire by the time I came. This became a nightly thing until I got out. I've never shared it with my wife, whom I was married to at the time, and I've never mentioned it to anyone since. I worried for along time if I could have maybe gotten something from this druggie, I even held back on sex for a long time after I got out.

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