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    Straight Female / 46

    My husband and I knew one of our partners fairly well for two years prior to the hookup and would occasionally do ecstasy with him. Raheem was the guy who got it for us and weâd hang out with him from time to time at our local bar where we met him. The other four guys were his buddies and we knew them casually from the bar but not well. They are all about 10 years younger than me. Typical single guys, good looking and in good shape but a little rowdy and full of themselves. Theyâd all been friends in high school and still hung out. Two of them worked in the same field as my husband (commercial real estate). I liked them enough but only knew them casually. My husband and I were at a resort in Rocky Point Mexico and Raheem and his buddies were there the same weekend. We ran into them at a club called the Reef and ended up hanging out with them all day, drinking dancing etc and arranged to get some E from Raheem to do that night. To give a little background, I had had a three-way with my boyfriend at the time and one of his friends in my early twenties. This was before I met and married my husband. When I told him about it while we were dating it became his favorite story and really turned him on, especially when weâd have sex. Iâd retell it sometimes (or make up a new version of it) when my husband and I were intimate and it would always lead to exciting sex and my husband realized he gets turned on by the thought of watching me with other guys. We would talk about finding one other guy sometimes but we never actually went through with it and kept it as a fantasy. At about 7 pm my husband was very drunk and suggested that with the Ecstasy it would be fun to invite Raheem over to our room and all hookup. After discussing it a bit we broached the idea with Raheem and he was all for it. The three of us snuck off to our room but by the time we got there, Raheem pretty much had to support my husband to get him to our room. He ended up getting sick and passing out completely before 8. Raheem went back to find his friends and I made sure my husband was alright and ended up thinking it was probably better that we didnât. Around 9:30 Raheem texted us to come party with him and his buddies in their room. I tried to wake up my husband but he was out cold and decided to go anyways. I took the E, freshened up a bit and headed over. They had a huge 3 bedroom suite and Iâd assumed that there would be a bunch of people partying there but it ended up just being Raheem and his friends.

    It all happened fast after that. We all stripped off our clothes and I started taking turns giving them head. They were pretty rough, which I love, and would grab my head and force it down to gag me a little and facefuck me for lack of a better word and then pass me to the next guy. I remember Raheem saying, âthis little slut likes it roughâ, and He and Craig and Jeff all started taking very dirty. The other two (Tim and Mark) were a little quieter. All of them had nice size packages but Craig and Tim were definitely bigger. Tim didnât last long and came in my mouth. From there they got me on the couch and then the floor and for the next 2 hours took turns fucking me every which way they wanted. I was on my back, flipped over doggy style, spit roasted, on top riding them, and then on my back again. I came five times and was in heaven. They all came in my mouth when they were ready (something I love) and Tim and Craig came twice. After that, we took a break for a while and started up again. I was Ex-ing so hard I let them do whatever they want. Tim fucked my ass first and then they all took a turn (which Iâve actually never done with my husband). One of them had brought some lube and I was soon enjoying the feeling. This culminated with Raheem and Craig DPing me. Its something I had never done and I had the single most intense orgasm I have ever had. If anyone was in the room next door they probably thought I was being murdered. Of course I was still going very hard on the E which I am sure added to it. It was a little after 2AM when everyone was totally spent. I was covered in cum and and a total mess so I cleaned up in their shower before heading back to my room where my poor husband was still sleeping.

    I felt so guilty the next day. My husband had no idea and of course, he still wanted to hang out and party with these guys the rest of the weekend so thatâs what we did. I was also really horny for my husband but I was sore. I told him I was on my period and he got a couple great blowjobs that weekend!

    I cheated on my husband with 5 guys and had the best sex Iâve ever had. I let them do things to me that he never has.
    Iâve never had an orgasm this strong. Guilt and wanting to do it again.

    Iâve hooked up with Raheem and Craig again a few times. I also gave Craig a BJ the next afternoon while my husband was at the pool.
    I would like to talk my husband into participating in something like this without him knowing what happened.

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