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    Straight Male / 49

    69 year old male here. Have lived in SE Asia for the past 10 years with my SE Asian wife of 43 years. My wife has no interest in having any kind if sex with me. I mean I need to beg for a hand job and while she will say wait till later or tomorrow, it just doesn't happen. Ever. I am left to myself for any release. It isn't sonething that needs to happen often and many times when I am ready, I get the later or tomorrow message and put it off with the hopes she will follow through. Sometimes I wait quite a while for that promise that never seems to come.

    A couple days ago things changed for the positive. No,my wife didn't suddenly change. That doesn't seem in the cards. What happened is my wife went into town to do some shopping. She normally drags me along but not this time. Home alone with our housekeeper we have had for 2 years now. Nice girl, 31 years old, great body but not much on the pretty side to look at.

    I was sitting on my back patio having some tea when my housekeeper came up to me and asked in her broken English she has been learning from me, Mr OK? Mr. Happy? I asked why she asked and she tried to tell me that I didn't seem happy and that I was horny. I didn't quite understand her and told her I wasn't sure what she was asking. She gets a little frustrated when she can't get something across when she trues to explain something so this tine instead of her keep trying to explain, she walks up to me and just reaches up the loose leg of my shorts and grabs my penis. I was a bit startled but not for more than a second. I asked what she wanted and she said, I help Mr. Never has she ever showed any interest in me previously.

    S he was right. I was horny and as soon as she touched my dick it began to harden. I thought for a fraction of a second about this and replied that, yes, Mr. wouod lije some help. She grabbed the sides of my shorts and started pulling them down. I lifted my ass so it was easier to get off. She pulled them down and over my feet. She folded them and placed them on another chair. She is a Muslim girl that normally wears a hijab in public, she covers her hair with a tight stocking cap thing when she works out if the publics view. After removing my shorts and exposing my hard dick, she removed the stocking cap and undid her hair. It fell down to one side and it almost reached her waist. I told her that her hair was beautiful and I wish she showed it more often. She just moved her finger in a negative way and said, too messy.

    She stepped up to me and spread my legs apart and moved in closer. She had to use both her hands to address my dick. Not because I am big but because she is pretty tiny. That tiny hand with tiny fingers working over my dick's head was really exciting. Then, her mouth was around it and she was moving slowely up and down the shaft. Her hands were moving my nuts and tickling them. She removed her mouth after a few minutes and went back to skillfully using her hands around and over my dick's head. I could feel the build up from within me. The balls were tightening and I was ready to let go. I blew my load with force and I mean force for me. I haven't seen cum shoot out in years. Normally it would just come out and drip off me. No, this time the first shot actually shot out. She moved a bit to the side so it didn't hit her. The following shots went back to dripping off me. I leaned back in my chair fully pleased. She run off and got something to clean me off. Once that was finished she went and got something to clean up the cum on the floor.

    After all was clean I tried to pull her close and put my hand on her breast. She pulled away. I asked if I could do for her. She refused. Said, I help Mr. I offered her some cash knowing she really didn't make that much. She refused and just repeated, I help Mr. It is OK. We have secret, OK. I told her yes, we have secret and we will tell no one. She smiled and handed me my shorts.

    Looking forward to my wife leaving us alone soon. I have no idea how my housekeeper knew I was in need of that type of assistance. Was my frustrations that obvious? I'm happy soneone recognized it and more happy she did something about it. Right now it's just duty as normal for her 5 hours at the house.

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    Nice story. Situation. Could your wife have suggested to the housekeeper that there was another household task needing attention?
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    Good for you. Now you must lick her asshole , shove your tongue deep inside her rosebud ... then suck the juice from her panty oyster... good luck.

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