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    Straight Female / 19

    It happened when I was visiting my cousin in the fifth grade. We had gotten ready for bed and were wearing nightgowns and we were out watching television and I pulled my legs up on the chair. Across from me was her father and he stared at my legs, well actually my underwear which he could see clearly under my nightgown. He stared and I sat frozen. I want to swear that I got moist, what I do know is that was the first day that I felt the girl thing, I felt his wanting me, I was all of a sudden keenly aware of my pussy. Actually up to that day I never called it my pussy, I still used my mother's expression hooha.

    That night when my cousin and I went to bed she asked me if I noticed that her dad was looking at me, staring at me. I didn't say anything, I do know that I felt the strongest urge to touch myself. I wont say I masturbated that night, but I sure felt the need to do it. From then on until this very day my uncle has the ability to make me sweat, to look at me and reduce me to a spoiled little brat that he can play with. He has very strong hands and he can still lift me over his head, my pussy aligned with his face. He can hold me in a grip that makes my nipples get hard and my pussy get wet. Sometimes, he just holds me with his arm around my shoulder and I can't help it but my head falls on his shoulder, if he turns me around into his chest and his hand falls on my butt cheek I put my arms around his waist and hold onto him. Everyone notices, my cousin, my aunt, my mother, anyone watching notices that I am his little girl.

    I have opened my legs up wide for him, like when I am standing from a chaise lounge or getting up off the beach. I have laid in nothing but my panties when I am visiting so he can see me half naked on the bed. I don't wear any kind of bra or support when I go downstairs for breakfast when I am at his house, and I have a lot upstairs, I can feel my boobs bob up and down under my nightshirt and my nipples get rock hard. I sweat so much my panties are always pretty moist or wet. I want him to fuck me so bad but he won't because I am his niece, at least by marriage.

    My cousin is always on my case about me throwing myself at him. I wish one day he 'caught' me and took me with him, I dream over and over about how he will put me down on his bed and reach under my nightgown and pull my panties off and open my legs and stare down at my naked pussy. After that part I usually am already so far gone while masturbating that I just have cloudy feelings of him fucking me. But of course that has never happened, it is just a day dream that I masturbate to. Call me frustrated, call me stupid, call me anything you want but as far as I am concerned he is the man to take me first, I don't want to lose my virginity to any other man, or guy or classmate or random date. I am saving myself for him.

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    Do you ever have the chance to be alone with him? I suspect the only thing keeping this from being the story of how your uncle popped your cherry is opportunity.

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