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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I took this job after I had been out of work for sixteen months. I had never worked in sales and I felt unfit for the job. An 'old hand' took me around to meet the clients and after a couple of trips he told me that I wasn't a closer, I had to get aggressive and push the client to close, come back with a P.O. I hate it so much I scream but I have no choice right now but to try. That is the setting of how I found myself with a man in Denver and things got out of hand.

    I went there because the marketing team had identified this company as a new target the senior sales rep was out on a personal matter, so they sent me. I studied up on the client company, they marketing team set up the appointment and I got a plane to fly to Denver. I checked into the Hampton Suites and caught a cab to the offices of the client and sat in the lobby waiting to be called in. The man that met with me was about my age, in his early fifties. He was the Operations VP and had been there for a long time. He grilled me, asking me over and over again why he should make his company change vendors. What did we have that the competition didn't have. What was it that made us think he wanted us. He made me sweat, at first in my voice and later visibly. I was failing, dropping the ball, I was out of my league. I am not a salesman. I am an engineer.

    After the meeting he said that they would think about it, meaning no P.O. to take back to the office. He asked casually when he was escorting me back to the lobby where I was staying and if this was my first trip to Denver. As he said goodbye he asked if I was up to it, maybe we could go get a steak around 8 that evening. Boy I was so relieved, I would have a second chance to prove myself I accepted immediately and he came by the Hampton to pick me up at 8.

    We went to an upscale steak house, ordered a hard liquor drink and talked about politics and sports. We also talked about engineering which is my profession. The evening went on and on, we ordered steaks and had more drinks, and later coffee and desert which we shared. On the way out of the restaurant he put his arm on my shoulder as we walked the couple of blocks to his car. He 'embraced' my shoulder. In his car he tapped my knee and suggested that maybe we could got get a nightcap at this bar. A bar that is well hidden where men go and hold hands and lean into each other when they talk, a bar where a man puts his hand on another man's hand, that type of bar.

    We sat at a small table and he ordered Manhattans and his hand was on my leg and on my hand and he leaned over and talked and we talked about anything other than work. It was late, it was one a.m. and we were there still talking and sipping Manhattans. His hand went up my thigh and he asked if I wanted to check out his place. On his wall were all sorts of art, some modern and some pieces obviously from art fairs. In his bedroom, over his bed was large painting of an erect penis and balls. He said he liked going to sleep knowing that a hardon was always there for him.

    Why I didn't turn around I don't know, his arm was on my shoulder as we 'admired' the painting, this huge erect penis with precum gleaming in the light, the most phallic thing I had ever seen. He turned me around and said he wanted me to enjoy and he sat on the bed and opened my zipper and took my cock in his hand and he started to suck me hard. I got hard, what with him sucking my cock and me looking at that painting over his bed. Once hard he got undressed and helped me get undressed and we lay on the bed and we sucked cock and ground our cocks together and held our cocks tight in our hands, no conversation, just naked on the bed. I let him lead, I had never been in that situation and didn't know what to do or not to do. He invited me into his shower for a hot shower and we lathered up and stroked cock while we kissed, his beard against my face, my cock hard in his hand.

    He said I was going to like this and he lathered up my crack and used his finger to massage my anus and I liked it like I have never liked anything before, he got behind me and licked me with his tongue as I bent over and held myself up against the wall. In the bedroom after we had dried off he took out several kinds of lube and used one to finger me and another to lube up my cock and he told me to lube up his anus and that he wanted to get fucked. He got on his arms and knees and lowered himself into a semi squat and told me to lube and not be sparing and to lube my cock and just fuck him hard. My first fuck with a man, I went in so smooth, his ass was tight, he groaned a bit and kept telling me to take my time, but I just couldn't hold it and lost myself and came in series of strong squirts.

    He got some towels and cleaned us up and we lay there side by side, two fifty somethings, a man who did this all the time a man who did it the first time. After many minutes, maybe a half hour he asked if I wanted to try, he said he was versatile and he would give me the pleasure of his cock. He lubed me up until his finger just slipped in and out and then mounted me and ran his cock up my ass until his balls were slapping against me. He took his time, he talked a bit and told me that he liked being with me that night and when he finally finished and loaded me up with his cum, he washed us up and we fell asleep on his bed.

    I got the account, he said it was because I was a good engineer. We see each other often because he is my account, both in Denver and Ball Harbor, in Denver we got to his place, in Ball Harbor we got to his hotel. He has taught me a lot, it is strictly for sex, even the kissing is for sex. He divorced because he found out he was gay, I am married and he is the first man I have sex with, I don't think I am gay, I just think that that its like a perversion that I have to have. And my only account.

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    Uh, Dude. You're gay.

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