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    I got a job at a fabrication company in the front office working for the wife of the owner. The first day she showed me how she wanted me to help. Over the next few days I did the work she had asked. On the second weekend she told me I needed to work some overtime, I would be paid but I would go to her house instead of the yard. At her house she asked question after question about my love life, until she was satisfied I never had a boyfriend. Good.

    She asked me if I wanted to make some extra money, all I had to do was pose for some pictures. Over the next six months I posed for her, at first just suggestive photos but later full nudes, most alone on a bed or a chair or sofa, exposing my breasts, genitals and my butthole. She chose and deleted bad photos but kept the best, she paid me much more than she had hired me to work at the office in the plant.

    One day she introduced me to a girl, she said she was eighteen but she was probably fourteen or fifteen. She had us pose together and pretend to kiss and play with our breasts and genitals. Soon I was slipping my tongue in her, kissing her, washing her butthole, drinking her urine as she squatted over me urinating on my face and in my mouth. We grew feelings for each other and she told me she was really sixteen which didn't seem so bad, I was nineteen. But my feelings for her grew stronger and stronger until we made love, while she filmed and took photos.

    One evening she told me that my little friend had to go home and I never saw her again. For the next three years I posed alone, or with girls, some were posed to look like we were making love in the morning, others were urinating on each other. My favorite poses were scissoring, kissing and mutual oral sex. I really liked getting naked. Then I met a man, he kept talking to me and asking what I did at work until one day I told him. He offered to take me away.

    After several months I asked him to take me with him. I was twenty four and had spent five years making porn. I lived with him for two years before I moved out on my own. I work in an office at his friend's company. I guess that I am a girl's girl, my two years with him didn't take away my need to get in bed with a girl. He says he let's me, I have permission. OK, I have his permission. My girlfriend is a daycare worker and she doesn't know about my porn past, only he does but he keeps my secret.

    I have never seen where the photographs or videos that I posed for are.

    I don't feel I am a 'whore', I know that making porn with other girls or alone was wrong but I don't feel guilty. I go 'home' to him, I take my girlfriend there and that's where I am loved. Who knows what my porn name or names are, my given name is Celeste and I was born in Kiev.

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