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    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    I take pride in my vanity. Most the women of my family were small breasted. So was I. I wanted a breast job but couldn't afford it. When I was married I con my husband to pay for one and he did. I liked the attention men gave me and that made him jealous and we end up divorced. I started screwing around with younger men. They always said I look younger than the age I really was. My daughter never liked what I was doing and wished I never had the tit job.
    I decided to take a trip to the east coast to visit her and my grandson, which at the age of 22, still living with his mom. Also to visit other people I use to know while living on the east coast. My grandson turned out to a handsome young man. He carried my luggage into the guest bedroom while I freshened up in the bathroom. In the mirror I could see he was giving me the once with make to him.
    We went back to the bedroom where I started to unpack my luggage. "Grandma, how are you able to manage to be so sexy looking. I know your breasts are fake. Mom told me they are shaped like big gr**efruits. The tan you got is probably when you spend time on the beach on the west coast. You probably tanning in a bikini too!" "I do," I told Robert. I showed him the tan lines on my boobs. "Go ahead touch them. I know you probably never felt fake boobs." I said. As he was feeling my tits, I noticed his manhood bulging. I slipped my hand over it. I knew I got him turned on. He didn't resist when I went down on that young cock. Just then my daughter, his mother, walked in.
    "Mother!" she screamed. "How could you!" I told her it was natural urges like when I caught her doing her brother. "You're just jealous because he desired me over you!" Then I told her not to be and old prude and join me. "You liked it when you did you brother. It's basically no different." I asked Robert if he wanted Barbara, his mom, to suck his dick and told us he would enjoy that. I held his cock and told Barbara to suck it like she did her brother. "Please mom!" Robert begged. She finally went down on him. Watching my daughter got me turned on, that I was fingering myself and rubbing my fake tits.
    Barbara took her clothes off. "Mount your son's cock" I said. As she did that I face sat Robert. Barb and I started playing with each other tits while on top of Robert. I told her I thought she enjoying it too much and it was my go on it.
    Well it was a fun trip for me. A bit of an embarrassment for Barb. When I was visiting Barbara I couldn't have the heart to tell her brother visited me on the west coast and we fucked like crazy.

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    Right. Thats the first thing grandmas do is want to fuck their grandsons.
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    Yes , you sound like a twat. I suspect you are a fat virgin slob living at home still. Jerking off to these sick twisted fantasies as well as pictures of mens assholes. This doesnt happen in real life. For fuck sake get out and get a life you corn dog babe ruth eating obese hippopotamus

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