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    When i was 15 i went on a road trip with my aunt who was in her 40s.i remember her stopping by and asking if she could take me with her to parents let me go as we drove we stopped at a few stores packed some snacks and headed out..the sun was setting and she was tired so she pulled into this motel and got a room the man at the desk let her know the water heater was on a last limb and if we would limit the hot water he gave her a discount..we enter the room and began to get are clothes out for the night and for the we talked about what stops we would make she suggested whos going to shower first i suggested one together she laughed and looked at me odd.i then said lets flip a coin good idea she said.i called heads and won.well go ahead PLEASE save me some hot water she i got into the rest room i dropped my clothea i heard the pbone ring and her talking it was the office.she had opened the door catching me nude i didn't have time to grab a towel so i juat stood there her eyes caught a full glimps of me wich didnt seem to bother her.hey we need to shower together so keep you eyes off me and dont tell anyone i agreed as stood waiting for her she got in i was facing her and caught a glimpse her body looked soft her pussy was neatly trimmed and her breast looked amazing i began to get hard.she saw and laughed what are you doing laughing your not supposed to be looking at me she said but at the same time her eyea where looking at me she turns and starts the water we wet are bodys i grab the soap and begin to clean my self she started with her hair as she is covered in shampoo im looking over her rubbing my hard on against her thigh and ass hey you perve stop. You dont know what to do with that i stood silent when she began to clean her self i moved close to rub her again this time. I lined up to her hole and gave it a shove it slipped in and she jumped off i got out the shower dryed my self and just put on some shorts a few seconds later she came out just a t-shirt .....what the hell was you thinking i didn't say much except i was sorry..i promise i wont say a word..later that night laying in bed i could hear her moan and her moving i layed still as she masturbated.her breathing was heavy and i turned and asked if she was ok yes go to sleep she said i layed there a few more minutes before i turned over and let my hard cock press against her.she stopped and i did feel her push back so i reached around her and felt for her titz her hand reached back and pulled my cock out never say a word as she turned to me and began to kiss me her lips moved all around for awhile till she went down and sucked me off i blew my load in her mouth she came back up then slipped me in her wet pussy i moved back and fourtg till i blew another load keep going she moans i roxe her for a few hot hours just cumming and cumming a few months later aunty was showing signs of a baby she had a little girl healthy and 2 more from me no one knows who daddy is but i do take care of them all live in the same house

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    You are illiterate. I know you are a troll little boy. You do not even know that the word "I" is capitalized.

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