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    Straight Female / 25

    What kind of sick fucks uses the fitting rooms as rest rooms at Wal-Mart? Anybody who takes a shit in a Wal-Mart restroom is clearly either drunk or stupid as fuck; I also found a pair of dirty underwear laying on the floor covered in shit laying on the floor.

    It is just so damn nasty when people use our fitting rooms that are meant to change clothes in as restrooms, not to mention in the restrooms how so many nasty ass people take shits and stops up the toilets by using a half a roll of toilet paper to wipe their asses with and we end up seeing turds smeared all over the walls and floor. Do you all shit like that at home? Don't even get me started on people who fucking masturbate in the restroom or even one time I heard a guy in the fitting room making a lot of noise and after he left I found cum inside a pair of jeans that were meant to be sold in the store.

    Then there are the unwashed people who come in stinking worse than shit out of fat people's asses and have never taken a bath in their miserable lives and they spread their God Awful stench all over the store especially in the groceries. That is just unsanitary and if I was allowed too I would throw your asses out and never let you back in until you take a fucking shower.

    Then I saw a man walk out of the restroom barefoot; now that is really unsanitary, you actually want to walk barefoot in a place where people piss and shit. What's even more fucked up the guy started to smell his feet in the store as employees and customers witnessed a grown man smelling his feet in a public place; fellow employees came to escort this foot smelling idiot out of my store I swear I am going to work at Target from now on too many nasty ass people at this one Wal-Mart.

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