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    Straight Female / 24

    Not sure if anyone could surpass this embarrassing moment...itâs not one of those you can push to the back of your mind because the whole thing was caught on my dads cctv.

    A couple of weeks ago I was staying at my dads place while he was abroad. He has a huge place with lots of rooms. Iâd been there a week or so and found myself a little bored? Itâs late afternoon Iâm off work and I decide to get a bit high on my own and make good use of my time alone.

    Itâs not long before I feel really really horny. when I get in this mood I know I have to play with myself and on this occasion I chose the back bedroom to get things going.

    I pulled my pants down and bent over the corner of the bed. I opened my legs and was rubbing my pussy back and forth on the corner of the bed. I was going for ages and came pretty hard with my ass hanging off the end of the bed.

    By early evening I was at it again but this time used the corner of the couch which was rock hard and this was probably one of the best orgasms Iâd ever had.

    Never thought anything more of it.
    My dad came back and that evening he put on his holiday video. I got bored as u do and went to bed. An hour passed and I went to the loo ...then I heard it!! My voice moaning and the bed squeaking. I froze, couldnât flush the toilet. Silent. I crept to the door at the back of the room and there my dad was watching me shagging his couch.
    I didnât know which was worse, me getting caught or him watching and not turning it off!!

    I could see he had every room wired up and recorded. Iâd rather he didnât know I saw and donât think I could ever face him again.

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    Was he simply watching you intently or was he stroking while he watched and listened to you moan and cum?

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