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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    April of 2016, my wife tells me she's fallen for a guy at work. He's her manager and he's in his mid forties. We split and she begins her life with him, leaving me devastated and feeling so lost and alone. We divorce nine months later. I've always been bisexual and to be honest, my wife was way out of my league in terms of sexual appeal within the straight community. She's a very beautiful, sexy and intelligent individual who could have married any number of men. I was there at the right time I guess, and had just finished off a long term on off gay relationship with a much older man, when I met her.
    January this year. I'm in a bar after a long shitty day at work. There's a football game showing on the tv and a guy is whooping about the score. I look over and catch his eye. We smiled at each other and I knew then, he liked the look of me. We got chatting and I soon find out he's recently married, but sometimes enjoys fucking younger guys. He makes advances by putting my hand onto his cock bulge and tells me he'd love to bury his cock up my ass. I'm about to tell him it's been a long day, when my ass twitches and tells me it's time I had another gay adventure.
    We end up at my apartment and suck and fuck for hours. He tells me his wife is out of town, so I offer him my bed for the night. He stays until, midday the following day and we just don't stop fucking. Before he leaves, he tells me I've been the best sexual experience he's ever had. I ask him why he got married then. His reply was "She's pretty, but ultra dull in bed".
    The following week with no arrangements made, he shows up at the bar again. I was literally just leaving and was about to go the gym after deciding not to drink. Instead of the gym we go back to mine and again we have hours of gay sex where we both fuck each other. It is for him, the first time anyone has ever fucked him and he absolutely loved it.
    Over the next few weeks every chance we get, we're fucking one another and he tells me one evening, he's fallen for me in a big way. Asking him about his wife and their future, he looks at me and says "I've made a mistake, she's too full of herself and I'm in love with you". We continue to see each other and I begin to fall for him. He fucks me with energy, but also with love and I finally ask him if he's really being true to everyone involved. It's then he tells me, he's leaving his wife and would love to be with me.
    April 2019, he moves into a new place with me. We have sex for nearly two days and it's amazing sex too. The weekend afterwards I tell him I'd be willing to go with him to meet with his wife, after he asks. It's to discuss their divorce and everything that needed settling. Opening the door to the cafe, I see my ex wife sat there with a female friend of hers. She looks at her husband, and then back at me and puts her face in her hands.
    I swear, I genuinely didn't know it was my ex's husband I was having such an amazing time with. It's a quick meeting and she tells me I'm only getting my own back on her. I really wasn't and didn't know and I realize then, she's truly devastated about losing her husband.
    Now in May, I'm so taken with how much J loves me. He's so into everything we do together and he's even moved jobs. My ex, his ex, has moved away and I understand is extremely bitter about me being with her husband. She still thinks it was all planned on my behalf, but it truly wasn't.
    What is planned, is myself and J are moving home relatively soon with his new job in another place altogether. Life's strange, but then you have to grasp love whenever you can.

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    My wife and I have been doing it with the same guy. We're both in our early twenties and he's well into his thirties. He says that I have an ass like a fifteen year old twink boy and he's been doing it since just before I was married last year. After he banged me in his real estate office on the couch in his office I fished around in the cushions for my hastily removed underpants and found a pair of my wife's frilly panties that I'd bought for her. It's obvious that he's fucking her too but I don't think I should say anything!

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