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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    I'm a white young lady now, but I started to get some interest in mature colored women when I was about 12. Something about their breasts. Especially big jello ones. It seems to be in their genes to have oversized breasts. I noticed some of the black girls already had good size breasts at the age of 13.
    Our fairly new neighbor, Hazel, around mom's age was black with them oversized boobs. My brother has a fantasy of being with her. He would tell me how he would screw her. The part of him sucking those big melons seem to excite me a bit. He kept trying for me to notice his bulge he had in his pants at times but I ignored him.
    I started to earn some money towards purchasing a vehicle when I was 17. I help clean people's homes. Hazel's place was one of the homes I help clean. In the bathroom Hazel would hang her bras over the shower rod to dry. The size of her bra cup could fit a cantaloupe in them. As time went by while cleaning her home, I found her sex toys. It explained why I never saw men at her house, only women. Then one day when I was 18 and over to Hazels place cleaning, she came in from shopping. She went into the bedroom. Then she called out my name. "What do you think of my new outfit?" she asked. Her breasts seemed like they wanted to erupt from her top and the bottom of the dress was skin tight over her hips and ass.
    She saw how I was looking at her. She pressed me against the wall with those black tits. "Your mom tells how you always talk about my breasts to her. Want to feel them dear?" She put my hand on them. They was soft and swishy like water balloons. She lifted them out and held one tit up for an invitation to taste. This was my chance to make my dream come true. AS I was licking and sucking her tit and nipple, she undid my shorts and started to finger my moist kitty. Told me to remove my shorts while she undressed. As I was removing my bottom clothing, Hazel, that thick mature black woman was naked on the bed holding those tits up for me. I laid on top of her licking, sucking, squeezing them balloons. I started grinding my kitty into her. She pushed me off her. Taking her tit and rubbing it up and down my vagina. She moved up and dangled those breasts over my head and slid them down across my face. She took a dildo out of the night stand and worked my vagina with it while I was busy with her tits. Then taking that dildo out of me and licked it as if was a lollipop. When she pays me the money she owes, she made sure I got a little extra.
    I earn enough money for a vehicle to head out to college. While at the college town, I made a good deal on a room. All I had to do for my ebony landlady is pound her with a strap-on. My brother wrote to me, while at college, mom rented my room to a black girl who enjoys her ass pounded and he sent me a picture of her. She looked young and innocent. But I would do her in a three way with my brother.

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    You would happily get naked with your brother so you could both play with her..? Very kinky n hot :) Should ask him for some hotter pics of them 2

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