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    My dad and I are both firemen and I have been living with him since I was 14. We work in different fire houses and are on different shifts, rarely being off the same days. Over the years my dad has had several affairs but 10 months ago let his girlfriend Lynn move in with us. My dad is 48 and Lynn is 39 and extremely attractive. She knows it and is either very naïve and careless or a down right exhibitionist. When my dad is home at least she is dressed close to decently but when I am home alone with her she drives me crazy. Our house is only a small two bedroom rancher and she thinks nothing of going about the house with only a towel around her or one of my dad's T-shirts. She is very at ease in front of me and has to know that I have seen her completely naked dozens of times. I know she sleeps naked all the time even when my dad is working nights. Her breasts aren't large but firm, has a perfect ass and shaves her pubes. I never say anything to my dad about it and I doubt she wants him to know. I'm convinced by now she does this intentionally and knows I hang around in the kitchen when she is wearing one of the T-shirts. All she has to do is move slightly sideways, bend or sit down for me to get a look at her ass or vagina. She seems to never have underwear on even when my dad is here. I sit at the kitchen table sometimes afraid to get up because of my raging hard on. Since she moved in I must have masturbated 100 times or more because of the show she gives me.

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    come out your ro6 with a fat cock and show her
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    When you have gat a hard on show her your dick, wake up man

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