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    Straight Male / 29

    My wife and I just moved into our new house. I just recent realized the tile in our showers is really great for mounting a suction cup dildo.
    Iâm no big into butt play but I like things in my ass. About 20 minutes ago I was laying on the couch in only gym shorts. My wife said she was going to bed. This was after a long day of renovating.
    I lay on the couch, and become horny, saddened my wife is already in bed and snoring I decide to have some me time.

    I begin by slowly sliding my shorts down past my hips to my ankles. I laid on my stomach because I knew I wanted to play with my ass. I spit onto my hand and began rubbing my fingers across my asshole, I slowly slid my middle finger inside. I could feel my hips rock upwards as I continued to finger myself. I began matching my fingers with my hips to maximize the sensation.
    I loved fingering myself downstairs, alone in front of the window. However I knew I had to shower and go to work in the morning, it was already midnight.
    I started the shower and immediately wanted something inside of me. My wife was asleep in the next room over otherwise I would have invited her to the shower. I remembered I packed up all our sex toys in a large box in the next room over. I quickly hopped out of the shower and went for the box where I grabbed my big bottle of lube and the only suction cup dildo we had. A 9 inch close to 2 inch diameter dildo. I didnât care I wanted something inside of me. No jumped back into the shower and stuck my dildo onto the tile wall. I spread lube all over the realistic cock like dildo. I eased my hungry hole over the tip of the dildo and began push back against the wall.
    I could feel I was getting stretched out as I could only get the head into my ass. I applied more lube to the cock to speed things up.
    I began penetrating myself with about half of the dildo as I quickly pushed back and forth against the shower wall, fucking myself. At first it was slightly uncomfortable, but I began to enjoy the roughness of the dildo inside of me I could feel it hitting the right spots.
    I fucked my self in the shower for about 5 minutes, I fully slide the dildo out and back all the way in my ass over and over. The cock was so big it felt so amazing leaving my asshole and then reentering again.
    I found a good position where I could fuck my self good, hard, and consistent. I slide the dildo in and all the way out and back inside my horny hole as long as I could.
    I soon began grinding and pushing on the cock while jerking my own 7â tool. I couldnât take much more, I finally shot my load all over.
    I cleaned and quietly put our Dickson away for next time. I lay down in bed and type this story to share. Iâm a horned up straight male asss slut. If my wife would fuck me every shower Iâd never leave the house.

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    You should clean that dildo up real good suction it at the perfect height for your wife and leave it right before she showers. I bet she will be turned on and start riding it. Walk in and tell her how hot that is and as she is riding it, lick around her pussy lips riding it, i bet she will be turned on. Talk dirty to her how hot it is watching her ride it as you feed your cock in her mouth. Pump her mouth at the same rythem as her pumping it. Tell her to tell you when she is going to cum, when she moans yess, as she is riding it faster bent over sucking your cock at the same time, ask her if it woukd turn her on to see you both lick her juices off the toy, i bet she cums hard hearing that as yiu fill her mouth with cum. Then after she slides off, kiss her first to share the taste, then both move to lick the toy together still suctioned. Tell her to suck it and tell her get it ready for another fucking with her mouth. As she moans finger her pussy and ask her if she wants to watch it fuck your ass? You will do that for her. If she looks at you and says if your serious, kiss her as you pinch her nipples and say yes and have her position you to ride it. Bet yiu get hard again and tell her you want to fuck her from behind as yiu ride the toy and as your fucking her at the same ryhthem tell her as your cupping her tits, you want to cum in her mouth from the fucking from her toy your getting. Bet she goes down on yiu as yiu fuck her mouth you ccum hard from the toy fucking you. Let us know what happens with your wife mmm
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    Another Guy who will be hooked once you try the real thing!

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