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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was twelve my sister was fourteen we had to look after ourselfs while our parents worked during school holidays , Lynn would lay in bed till noon while I did any chores left for us.I didnt mind as she and I had agreed she would show me her naked body if I did all the chores this kept me happy for the first holidays next holidays I wanted to renegotiate but she didnt so I did nothing, about an hour before the parents came home she asked what i wanted, I told her Iwanted to touch her.she said just her tits,I said that would do for today but
    tomorrow anywhere I wanted .I rushed the chores and just had time to fondle her tits .Next day as soon as the folks had left I went to lynns room and asked weather she agreed .To my suprise she did but with one condition I had to be naked too .In no time I was naked and she threw the covers off her naked body I got on the bed and started to stroke her tits then went for her pussy at first her legs were tight together I kept stroking the top of her thighs , then put my mouth on her tits and licked and sucked them while still trying to get at her pussy . Gradually her legs parted and I managed to finger her pussy .After a while I thought I better not push my luck and stopped, she grabbed me and told me to keep going she held my hardon while I did my best to make her cum .She started wanking me and before she climaxed I shot my load over us both. No we never fucked but we did everything else for all our teenage years and I did the chores happily.

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    Have you done anything sexual as adults? Ever talk about the good old days?
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    yes we get together not often but as oportunity allows ,she loves me to eat her out as her man wont i also fuck her arse he wont . just say do you want me to do the chores

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