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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I've been a widow about five years. It's difficult for me to find a man to date. I'm tall and stocky with thick thighs. I dreamed of finding a tall rugged guy that's endowed and able to push the right buttons. One that has stamina, also a sweet talker. Willing to make my dreams and wishes come true. Able to handle some of my kinks.

    I was bored and decided to visit Beth a dear friend of mine. She had company. I was introduced to Rick who she just meet that evening at the dance club. He spent the night there. He seemed out of character for her. She was 5'4" and he over 6'. "Well who's this pretty filly darling", Rick said. Told him I was her dear friend Linda. He seemed to undress me with his eyes. He was bold and forward. "Nice breeding stock and wears nice saddle bags", he jokingly said. I didn't like where this was leading to, so I excused myself so Beth could be with him. I thought to myself, he must be a Texan.

    Some time went by and I called Beth if interested in some fun that afternoon. While in bed with Beth after a romp with her pet, I asked about Rick if she's dating him. "Hell no! he's obnoxious and his dick wouldn't fit in me. It was like playing with a horse. Lick and stroking it until it came all over you. "I enjoyed how he talked and his boldness", I said. Beth got out of bed. I called her pet onto the bed. As he was licking me, the thought of a horse cock excited and had an orgasm.

    That weekend I stopped at the dance hall. Rick was there. He approached the table, "Well hello pretty filly who's wearing pretty saddle bags. Care to dance?" He was younger than me but I felt his strength and being rugged as we danced. As we danced several times that evening he kept sweet talking me. Finally he asked if I desired to be mounted by a stallion. I followed him to his place. He had all sorts of leather lying about. He pulled me into him and we kissed with passion. We practically tore off each other clothing. "Baby girl, you may not be able to handle me, I can't find a filly that can", Rick said. He didn't know I've been using huge dildos in me, so my vagina is stretched. "I think this old mare might be able to", I replied. We went into the bedroom.

    There he straddle across me fucking my mouth between my saddle bags. I grabbed that cock with two hands and rubbed it across my face. "Well let's see if that monster will fit in me" I told Rick. I guided it in me while he eased it in. "Damn girl! I finally get to breed a filly!" It felt so good in me. I started yelling in pleasure, "Yes, Yes, Yes,". As we laid in bed I said, "Too bad you aren't a real stallion, I would of liked that".

    We dated for some time until he had to go back home to manage the ranch. I visited his folks once while we was an item. His sister had a surprise for me in the stable. Found out his sister trains certain horses for special activities. My fantasy came true.

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