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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I was 13 I was staying the night at my friends house his parents where out of town. His older sister was watching us she left to so we where alone we played games then. Nate told me to wait in his room he had something he wanted to show me so I did 15mins later Nate comes in wearing a dress. Confused I ask him what he's doing he looks at me and says I want you to fuck me like a girl he push me down and we kiss he tells me to call him Jenny I kiss his neck I pull the dress off him and the bra playing with his nipples he starts moaning few mins of foreplay. I get up and strip naked he sucks my cock slowly then he pulled out the lube and I lubed my cock up slowly pushing my cock in his ass as deep he was already moaning I started go faster and harder kissing him while I'm balls deep in him 15mins later I pull out and nut on his bed. We kiss some more and but his sisters cloth and wig away well in her room I tell Nate it's my turn to get fucked he throws me on his sisters bed and I suck his cock tell he was hard he lubed his cock and fucked me as I moaned he kissed me he fucked me for 30min and jerked me we both nutted then he nutted we came all on his sisters black blanket we got are cloth on and smoked a cig. We watched some tv for a lil bit but we just ended up fuck again in the living room. Then again in his room his parents room the stairs the kitchen the basement all over his house the next morning I woke up to pee and his sister got home and stoped me and ask me why there where was cum on her blanket. She said fuck it and passed out my heart racing I go in Nates room and tell him his sisters home he rolls over his cock right there I couldn't help my self I started blowing him he woke up and then I bent over and he started fucking me we heard his parents come home and we didn't stop even when they where outside his door they went and passed out we keep going after he finished we kissed and I went home and that night he stayed at my house

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    I begged to hang out with him and his friends when I was a precocious young boy of nine. He was the nextdoor neighbor teenager who was always doing cool stuff with his friends. I was so happy to camp out with him and two of his friends. It turned out that I was to be the cool stuff that they did that night. I was so easy, lol. I willingly sucked each one of them, even swallowing too. I spent the rest of the night with my fresh little bottom up with a firm smooth fleshed 14 and 15 year old boy taking it bouncing feverishly on my firm well shaped cheeks all inside of my once virgin ass.

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