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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Every so often i get this wild urge to where i want to suck cock. I want a big cock in my mouth. My mouth waters at the thought, ill see a guy who i find attractive and just wonder if he has a big cock. Whatd it be like to suck it, and what his load would taste like. The first time i sucked a cock was back in college.

    A friend and i was drinking, one thing led to another and i was on my knees taking his cock in my mouth. It was only about 6 inches long, but i still enjoyed it. Hearing him moan really turned me on. I Started out slow at first and the longer i went the faster i got and the more into he got. He'd push my head all the way down and make me gag. Then pull my head off and spit in my mouth, slap me and asked if i loved sucking his cock? I shook my head yes. And he shoved his cock back in my mouth. Soon after he cummed in my mouth he made me show him the cum. I did and then i swallowed it.

    A couple weeks later, we was drinking again and there was a few other people hanging out with us. One guy, i found really attractive. His girlfriend was super hot as well. After drinking awhile. My friend had brought up strip poker. 7 people total, 3 guys 4 girls. Everyone was down. Started playing and everyone was losing clothes. With no clothes left, the bets turned to oral exchanges. After winning a few hands, i get my dick sucked a few times. Then i make a bet a lose with the guy i find attractive. The bet was 2 minutes of head. I had 3 10s and a pair of 4s. He had 3 kinds and a pair of 3s. He'd won. Hiding the excitement i wait until he says you lost. Pay up.

    He moves out from the table and his big cock is already hard. It looked like it was a good 8-9 inches. And really round. It was hard to get in my mouth at first. But his girlfriend came and helped me. It lasted longer than two minutes, i bet i sucked his cock for a good 15 minutes. His girl friend was beside us masturbating. This had me super horny. I feel him starting to tense up like he's about to cum and she gets excited and starts talking to him. Asking if he's about to cum. When he said yes i started sucking his cock even harder. He pushes my head down on his cock. I feel the cum feel my mouth full. Its a huge load.

    His girlfriend said she wanted some, i spit some of it in her mouth and then she kisses me saying she wants more. We swap cum in our mouths for about a minute and a half then we swallow.

    Later that semester, i met this black guy. One thing led to another, his pants came down and it was the biggest cock id ever seen. 11.5 inches long and really round. I thought he was deformed and his arm grew where his cock was supposed to be. I had to try to suck it. I couldnt take it all in my mouth but i got 1/2 of it. It was just too much cock. His load was massive. I couldnt even swallow it all. He'd say it was the first time he'd gotten off in 3 months. After telling one of my friends she decided to fuck him. We both sucked on his cock together and i watched him fuck her. She couldnt take it all either.

    Its been 10 years since ive had any cock in my mouth. Im really craving some. I think im just a cum drunk cocksucker. Maybe ill find some cock soon.

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    I'm 19 and I've been sucking my Dad's cock for the last 17 years. I'm pretty sure it was my idea but I don't care if it wasn't. I think I was born with an oral fixation, a hunger for huge cocks. Now to a child any adult cock is big but my Dad's nickname is Tripod and it isn't anything to do with photography. There are horses that are jealous of his package. I remember when I was really little and I was able to pull his foreskin almost half way around my head. I remember being able to put two fingers all the way in his pee hole. I remember when my tongue could fit in his pee hole. I also remember fantasizing about drowning in his sperm when I was around 4. I used to wonder what it would be like if he just pissed a gallon of sperm down my throat and filled my stomach and lungs with it. I used to dream about dislocating my jaw like a snake does and swallowing the entire monster down my throat and feel it bottom out in my stomach. I would imagine him swinging it like a giant baseball bat and smashing it into my face. I thought that one up when I was 7.

    It took a few years of gradual stretching with but plugs and dildos before I could take his cock up my ass. That was what I gave him for his birthday when I was 12 and he was 48. It took two hours going in and three coming out and in between I never felt more fulfilled than with that beautiful monster up my ass.

    I never could get more than just the head in my mouth, still can't. He is just too thick. But my aching jaws is a testament to just how desperate I am to try.

    It is my life's goal to cram every millimeter of that beautiful monster, all 14 1/4 inches of it, all the way down my throat even if it takes me the rest of my life to do it.
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    I am lucky enough to have three brothers on an isolated farm, who enable my addiction for total enclosure bondage in a rubber-lined bag, during which their cocks are sliding in and out of my mouth, through a zippered opening, endlessly, taking turns...I probably swallow a quart of semen over the weekend, and I hope they decide one day to just keep me, permanently...

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