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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Lately, Iâve been feeling really desperate. Desperate for sex, craving a dick, longing for a pussy to lick, hell, I almost considered camming just to get some pleasure out of being watched. I donât know why iâve been like this lately.

    I do want to substitute it with the use of large dildos but such are scarce here in my area and I use my parents account when I buy stuff online. I donât want them to know. I really do want one to at least practice on. Specifically a large bad dragon dildo. To be fair, I have a friend who sent me one but I havenât received it yet since the post office hasnât contacted me or sent it to my place.

    I donât know, iâve been so sensitive and so slutty. Just wanted to let all this out. So much sexual frustration.

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    go to your bank and get your own debit/credit card. then you're golden ;)
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    Tell us more about your anus. I bet it looks and tastes delicious

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